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John Boy said…

One of the most passionate and hot two-hour sessions I’ve had hiring anyone. We met at Dave’s Dupont Circle apartment which was upscale, modern, and very inviting. He was courteous as we shared a drink and then got down to business. He clearly enjoys what he does and is eager to please.

Passionate kisser; likes body contact; audible moans and groans are a turn on; likes to top, but is very versatile; no rushing; heated glass dildo; about a gallon of cum all over the place; and ends with a great shower, lots of clean towels, and nice supply of toiletries. Interesting conversation and very open to anything safe that feels good. He seemed to enjoy shaving my balls and ass.

One hell of a hot time and I can’t wait to call him again.

It was so nice to be with someone who clearly enjoys his work.

Goliath said…

Words fail me. Never before have I been treated so tenderly, so kindly, so thoughtfully, so sexily. I was made to feel attractive. Dave’s entire focus was on making my experience as wonderful as possible…and it was. He encouraged me to explore fantasies, but never forced anything. I will always be grateful for what was truly a moving, fulfilling, and incredibly sensuous experience with a bright, funny, handsome, caring, surprising man. Goliath

Loraine Hutchins said…

Dave is setting new standards for a profession he is transforming. What I would call him is a sexual healer, an erotic artist, a love shaman. I do not use these words casually.

As a scholar with a PhD in contemporary sacred sexualities I have studied hundreds of people like Dave who combine spirit and sex in their work and play. He is simply, utterly, one of the best, one of the most honest and compassionate and alive people I have ever had the honor of connecting with.

Loraine Hutchins, Ph.D.
Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker

The Man from Detroit said…

This is my first time to write a review. I have hesitated to share with others as most would probably not view my opinions important. I am taking a risk, as this guy is terrific.

We really connected from the beginning. I flew to DC in the morning and gave Dave a call when I arrived. He was not available for the evening, but was available within the hour that morning. I arrived a hour later greeted at the door by a very attractive man. Perfect! We had an awsome time, with lots of experimenting to test my limits and curiosity. I still have a smile on my face as he truly connected with my heart, soul, and you can guess the rest. His studio appartment is extremely accommodating for your get together.

I will always stop by when I am in WashingtonDC and see my very special friend, Dave.

Thanks, man, your are the best!

gabriella said…

Dave was the best man I’ve ever had. He made me feel like a new woman. I came 7 times… that is something you don’t throw away. It actually felt like magic. I am 44 years old, but he made me feel like a teenager again.

This was really special to me. I don’t really know how to explain it, but he made me feel like I was somebody else. It was amazing. I have never had an experience like that before, in my entire life.

Dave… Thank you!!!

Michael said…

One of the most SEXUALLY ADVANCED BEINGS I have ever met.

Dan in DC said…

I saw Dave’s reviews here and was intrigued by the prospect of combining some good massage with what potentially could be a hot sexual session. At first, I thought his rate seemed a little pricey, in that he charges a minimum of $250 for a 90 minute session and $280 for a 2 hour session. What if $250 bought me a wimpy running the hands over the body followed by a 15 minutes of so-so action followed will dull conversation to fill out the time

Didn’t happen – my planned two hour session was fantastic and actually turned into an overnight. The session was intense, a lot of fun, and really a chance to spend time with a great guy. Dave starts with a wonderful massage – the real thing – not only using his hands, but pressing his whole body against you. His massage has a lot of unusual moves from the East – relaxing and invigorating both.

The sex part of the session was fabulous – great kissing, sucking, with very sensual touching and tongue work everywhere. Dave and I happily switched positions back and forth (safely of course) for what seemed to be a very long time.

The guy has a gorgeous face, great tight body (even better than his pictures), a hard as a rock cock that is nicely sized, and just unlimited energy and imagination. There never is a dull moment with him as he works every minute to satisfy you and is completely into what he does.

As I mentioned, my session turned into an overnight as I realized we were getting near the two hours I had booked and were both going strong. I suggested we make it an overnight, and he agreed if we could break for dinner. This made for a chance to talk with Dave for some time – he can hold a good conversation about lots of things, including his extensive world travels. He really is a smart, fun guy with some great life experience that he is happy to share (with appropriate discretion).

He has a nice clean place set up very near Dupont Circle that is perfect for his business – I am looking forward to another hot session with this man, along with the chance to just get to know him a bit better.

Trike said…

Dave is hilarious, hot, bizarre, liberated/liberating and great in bed.

Hey Dave – I found my car and drove it successfully out of the hotel. Man, Ft. Lauderdale is a pit. It was great to meet you and play around.  You are a fun, sexy dude, definitely a LEGEND in my book. Let me know when you’re next in Florida!

Businessguy said…

Dave is one very hot guy with vast experience in the kinkier forms of play. I met Dave in San Francisco when he was on a weeklong working trip there. I had followed Dave’s reviews and digested his great web site for a while so I jumped at the chance to book him when I saw he was heading to the west coast.

Dave specializes in various forms of kink, BDSM and domination. However, he also enjoys more vanilla encounters and is willing to adjust his style to meet the desires of any client. Of course I was attracted to the skills and experience he brings to kink.

Dave is not your imposing big macho leather biker. He appears to be a normal guy who could just blend in anywhere or at any occasion. He is handsome, very fit and lean and very masculine with just the right amount of sexy chest hair. His east coast accent and assertive demeanor brings an instant air of dominance and control. He has a great, perfectly shaped and sized cock and a beautiful butt as well.

Dave and I communicated via a few phone calls and several emails prior to the appointment so that he would get a good grasp of my fantasies and interests. I sort of overdid that with the details and I was punished of sorts for that later. But he paid attention to what I requested and had a plan when I arrived. I booked Dave for three hours and we agreed to add his friend Klaus for a three-way for the last hour. Yes – I know – I’m a pig – more on Klaus later!

When I entered Dave’s hotel room. He was masculine and looked so hot in his leather pants and t-shirt. He asked me if I wanted something to drink and when I said yes – with ice please, he sneered, handed me the ice bucket and sent me on my first mission to find ice, which he new would be a challenge because it was on a different floor. When I got back, hustling and slightly out of breath I might add, we visited for a few minutes because he could tell I was antsy and nervous. He had me strip naked to further exert dominance then told me to lay face down on the floor.

He kept talking to me asking questions and I could hear him arranging the room and getting out a few things and placing them on the table. He knew that the sounds of what he was doing were exciting and made me curious. This is how Dave gets into your head and stimulates your mind as well as your body. Then he brought me back up and showed me a variety of toys and leather gear he had placed on the table. In a calm voice he told me to pick two items I’d like to have used on me. I picked some rope and a blindfold and he said those were too easy and “assumed” so he asked for two more that I was too shy or nervous about to pick at first. Again, he was trying to get into my head. I was so excited that I don’t even remember what I picked but it didn’t matter. He had established that he was in control and was going to push me and expand me but respect my pre-described limits.

As we started our play in earnest, I knew I could trust him and yet I was very excited about being in the hands of such and experienced Dom. I had requested no anal play, as that is not an area of interest for me but I know he enjoys that a lot. I’m mainly very oral. At one point when I was devouring his cock, he reached around and began to finger my hole. I stopped sucking indicating that he was getting into an area we agreed to be off limits. However, being the very experienced Dom that he is, he knows clients will put things off limits that they are interested in but too shy about to bring up initially (remember selecting the toys on the table). Dave wanted to make sure my butt was off limits so he gave me a choice.

He could already tell how much I was enjoying sucking his rock hard cock so he told me that if I wanted to continue to suck it, I would have to let him play with my butt. I tested him and started sucking his cock again and he fingered my hole some more. As soon as he did that I stopped sucking again. His cock was deep in my mouth but I was just holding it there. With my mouth full of his cock I begged for his cock but asked that he leave my butt alone. He said, “Make a choice boy.” I sadly and reluctantly dropped his cock from my mouth. At that instant, he knew I was serious and stopped playing with my butt and never went back there again. As I worked to please him as he used some of the other toys on me, he always gave me his cock in my mouth as a reward. It was a perfect way to test and set up my desire for his cock as the reward at the same time. That is what his experience and skills can do. With Dave, it is as much a fucking of your mind, as it is your body.

We did all sorts of things as we played along. He tied me to the bed, blindfolded me, and used clamps on my cock, balls & nipples among other things. We got so involved in it that we lost track of time and forgot that Klaus was joining us.

Dave and Klaus had worked out a role-play based on a few suggestions I had given them and Dave was supposed to have me set up a certain way when Klaus arrived. When the knock at the door came Dave quickly blindfolded me and retied me to the bed. Klaus enters, greets Dave and comments on what a fun prize Dave has waiting for him all tied up an blindfolded (me-grin).

Klaus does not escort on his own but was willing to join Dave for this adventure. Klaus is a well-built, lean, German accent hot leatherman. As they begin to play with me still tied and blindfolded, Klaus complains that Dave has lost his Ipod and needs to replace it or be punished. Dave tries to skirt the issue. At first I’m not sure if Dave has really lost the Ipod or what is going on. Dave becomes more apologetic and willing to do whatever Klaus wants to make it up to him. By this time I’m catching on to the role-reversal being set up so I’m not alarmed but turned on to see this hot guy who has been dominating me turn into a very piggy sub for Klaus.

Klaus unties me and I become Klaus’ assistant as we work Dave over. The amazing part was how easily Dave shifted gears and became this eager boy who wanted to please Klaus. They put on a real show for me and I was totally turned on seeing Klaus dominate Dave. Dave and I competed for Klaus’ attention and we all exploded into a pile of sweat and cum. I was really impressed how well Dave and Klaus had worked out their little role-play. It surprised me with a totally different experience from the previous two hours.

I had a great time with Dave and adding Klaus was just icing on an already delicious cake. Dave is very skilled and experienced. I was so very impressed at how well he could get into my head and test things out without making it just a dry discussion of fantasies and limits. The scene evolved at a natural pace, as we got more and more comfortable with each other. Dave was way more than I expected and I expected a lot. I think he is very trustworthy and delivers what he promises. His mental connection abilities are amazing and made the session so hot and much more intense. I can’t wait to meet up with him again so we can build on what we’ve started.

I think Dave could talk me into trying just about anything because I have confidence in his skills and trust that he is always gauging me and only wants to deliver an outstanding time for me. Dave is a very rare, totally professional, and completely involved escort who loves what he does and does it to the max every time.

J in O said…

My story is a bit weird, but I hope you can get past all my idiosyncracies to learn about this wonderful man. I learned about Dave through contacting another highly-reviewed escort. I’d read this other man’s reviews and thought, “OK…if there’s a man out there who makes men feel this good, there’d better damn well be a man out there who makes women feel this good.”

Dave is that man.

He was very generous with his time and patience as we e-mailed back and forth to set things up. I was very nervous and had never hired before. I drove the 400+ miles to DC and met him at his place. Others have described it as his “playground,” and that name fits: It’s totally set up for his business, with a comfy king-sized bed in the back bedroom and a sling in the living room. He could tell I was still nervous and spent the better part of an hour talking with me. (We did have a whole day booked, though.) Then he stood up, held out his hand, led me to that back bedroom, and the fun began.

Some of what happened may or may not be applicable to this site’s readers, so I’ll just focus on Dave’s humanity. Take a 37-year-old married woman with some baggage who hasn’t gotten laid in years. (Truth.) Add a hot, intelligent, intuitive, kind escort who is a “triple-G” (good, giving, and game) lover. There are only two solutions to this equation: a complete clusterfuck or the fuck of a lifetime.

I got the latter.

Ladies, meet this man. Gentlemen, meet this man. Book him soon, though — I’m having him three more times before the New Year. 🙂

Peter Young said…

Dave has great powers of personal charisma in bed. He comes like a hurricane! He’s one of the hottest guys sexually I’ve ever been with. I’d be up for almost any kind of sexual scene with him. And he has a very nice, fuckable ass…

iagowasright said…

Dave. Dave Rockin. The Legendary Dave. The man with multiple names but with one gift: the ability to make me want to see him again and again and again.

I’ve seen Dave 3 times now within the last few months. This review is an amalgamation of those three experiences because each one is so vastly different. But first the background: I had first met Dave two months earlier when a friend invited me to lunch when he was visiting DC. And because he was just finishing his session with Dave, Dave came along to lunch too. Now my friend had booked Dave on my recommendation, a fact which sort of freaked Dave out. He couldn’t understand how I could recommend him to someone if I’d never been with him. Simple: I know the reputations of most of the major escorts in the country: I research them all. And I knew Dave would fit the bill. I had contacted Dave a month earlier about seeing him myself a few months later but since I didn’t have the specific time of day we decided to wait until we were closer.

Well that time came several months later (and the day I’d mentioned 3-4 months earlier). We were going to spend a couple of hours together and then walk to the lunch with some friends. When I got to his nice studio, we sat down to talk. We realized we’d never really talked about what I was looking for. I went over a bit of my history and what I wanted. And then he asked the question that every submissive boy like me would love to hear: “Will you do whatever I ask”? And with that I was hooked. We spent the rest of the session exploring each other’s bodies with great intensity. First, Dave gives a great massage. He puts his whole body into it. But most remarkable to me: it was obvious that he was as into our time as I was. He topped me for an extended period of time which I loved being a bottom. Finally when we were done were laying there and talking for a few minutes and he was giving me some nice compliments and I could tell looking in his eyes that this was not typical escort BS – he was being real. So I changed our deal slightly: I would do whatever he asked as long as he promised to tell me the truth – good, bad, and ugly – and teach me what I needed to learn to be a better partner. And he agreed. And with that we went to lunch.

I couldn’t get our session out of my head all the way home and by the next day I knew I had to see him again and soon. So I called him and set up a 4 hour appointment a couple of weeks later. That would give us a lot more time to explore. That appointment started with something I had never done with a man. At the first appointment, Dave told me there was one thing I was going to do the next appointment: I was going to fuck him. I’ve always been the bottom. I’d never even thought of topping. Dave quickly convinced me that was going to change and, given that I agreed to do what he wanted, I had to fuck him. And so now a bottom boy is on his way to become truly versatile. So after I fucked him for quite a while in quite a few positions we flipped and it was his turn and he fucked me. At least he started to. Because after a few minutes he stopped and pulled out. And got a rather curious look on his face and asked could he try something with me. With our agreement I of course said yes. And then one of the most unusual experiences I’ve ever had occurred. First one nut, then the other, then his dick and then he started fucking me. I was being shurgged. It’s a Dave special. I don’t know how he does it but it is a very unique feeling. So after quite a while being shurgged in quite a few positions, he pulled out and resumed the traditional fucking method of dick only and continued that in every other conceivable position for what seemed like hours. When all was said and done, it was certainly the most intense session I’ve had with an escort — yet.

Session three was three weeks later. It was supposed to be a joint session with another friend but last minute family matters prevented that so it was just Dave and I. And my initial promise came into play again. Very quickly. The initial command came: strip and climb on the bed. Once there I was quickly handcuffed to the bed and my introduction to the world of BDSM began. And although mild compared to experienced practitioners, it was a start. My balls were trussed up good and tight. Alligator clamps were applied for a brief period but clothes pins were applied for longer periods. I was blindfolded for extended periods. Overall it was very intense for a beginner. After a while I felt the condom being slipped on and I knew it was time for me to fuck Dave again, but I found out something that Dave already knew: it’s not easy to get a lot of leverage to fuck someone when you’re bound tightly to the bed so the restraints came off quickly. And after I fucked him we again flipped and it was my turn on the bottom. And Dave is intense as both top and bottom. And at the end when he came it was remarkable. Now a Dave orgasm is something to behold: I’ve never seen anything as intense, heard anyone as intense as he is while cumming. But this was something even by his own amazing standards: he sprayed the mirror on the wall behind his bed in a beautiful pattern unlike anything he said he’d ever done. And we cuddled and talked. And just like the first two times, I left with a much better feeling about me – not so much the sex but the feelings of self-doubt were being erased. The feeling that I can do anything I want, be anything I want.

Dave is one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever met. Intense and commanding, yet gentle and caring. He is really into our sessions and is genuinely concerned with my welfare. All I know is that I can’t seem to get enough of this amazing man. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long, for the next adventure, a few weeks after session three was the most amazing yet. But that is for another review. And our next session after that is already planned which promises to be just as intense.

All I can say is Dave has already changed my life, changed my outlook not only on who I am sexually and what I’m capable of but also that I am worthy of having it all. That’s what I want in an escort: teacher, mentor, guide. Dave has been all that but so much more. He truly is remarkable. So if you are in DC and looking for the complete package, there is but one choice: Dave. The Legendary Dave. Dave Rockin. Because he rocked my world. To its very foundation. And I’ll bet he’ll rock yours too.

DC Guy said…

Experience: Dave of DC is truly Legendary.

I have seen him twice and can confirm all the rave reviews that precede this one: Dave is handsome, has a great body, is as trustworthy as a Boy Scout but devilish as a Republican Senator. His Dupont Circle apartment is perfect for entertaining dates, especially with his panoramic views of the city and its fabulous old-fashioned bathroom.

Let me add a few further points of praise.

The Legendary Dave is legendarily smart — not only well-educated, but intuitively brilliant and innovative. Both times I have seen him, he listened carefully to my roleplay ideas and not only understood them as I did but improved on them in his own devilish way. He really went the extra mile to set up his apartment to make my fantasy come alive in ways I had not considered–and that was a real turn-on for me. Given his intelligence and interesting life experiences, the post-coital conversation was almost as satisfying as the sex.

About the sex. The Legendary Dave pushed my limits more than anyone else I have ever met (and there have been a few)–and encouraged me to push his limits a bit. The play was rough, safe, sweaty, intense, theatrical, romantic, interactive, and in the end quite explosive. (For an old guy I shot far and wide, but Dave gushed like Old Faithful; I have never seen anything quite like it.)

Many thumbs up for this genius.

best hotel said…

….I saw Dave for th first time during his visit to NYC last week…….the man is an amazing lover….and a sweetheart……..thanks Dave……I wish i could be in DC for a Valentines Day celebration with you

James said…

Dave is fantastic. All of the reviews here are spot-on. We arranged getting together at his place by phone. Don’t be put off by his professional demeanor on the phone. My flight into DC was delayed by several hours, we were originally getting together rather late but he was understanding and accommodating.

Finally meeting, he immediately put me at ease, we talked over drinks, and then the fun began. And what a time it was. Trying all sorts of new things (for me), exhilarating, sensual, sometimes funny, sometimes intense and deeply satisfying. Dave was great at broadening my horizons, knowing when to push and back off in a supportive way.

Dave made the whole experience so natural and relaxed. It turned into an overnight and breakfast that was simply wonderful. Dave is a wonderful man, great conversationalist, just a nice guy. The entire experienced energized my spirits. I look forward another trip to DC just for Dave.

Midnight said…

Dateline July 1, 2011, Washington, DC

Major Position Shift Occurs in Washington
In a late-night closed-door negotiating session with The Legendary Dave, avowed total top Midnight has changed his position from top-wing to top-leaning independent. It is believed that this change was the result of certain assurances made by The Legendary Dave to Midnight during the private meeting. Midnight was reportedly seen exiting Dave’s playroom around 2:00 AM.
Midnight has issued a statement assuring his constituents that “I am committed to providing an even higher level of service as the result of the experience I obtained under the skilled tutelage of The Legendary Dave.”

How do you begin a review of one of the most defining sexual experiences of your life?
I’ve been hiring for just under a year and have had some awesome experiences with some terrific guys – but they pale in comparison to the few hours I spent with Dave.
I first encountered Dave’s name reading through the Daddy’s Reviews forum as the “go-to” guy in Washington. He was recommended repeatedly by a number of different forum members with outstanding comments – for me, that’s a sign of not just smoke, but real fire. After reviewing Dave’s website and reading his reviews, I decided to take the plunge on a recent short trip to Washington.
An email to Dave generated a quick response with the request that we speak over the phone before setting a date. While I’m not great on the phone with first time acquaintances, Dave is friendly and understanding and we set a date to meet at Dave’s studio. With the meeting scheduled four weeks hence, I stay in touch with Dave via email. While not the most verbose communicator, Dave is always responsive and professional – even to the point of counseling me on realistic expectations for the appointment (he need not to have had any worries there).
On arrival in Washington, I confirm our late evening appointment. Dave is very accommodating on keeping the time flexible due to schedule uncertainty on my side.
I arrive at Dave’s studio (which should be called Dave’s playroom) right on time and am immediately buzzed in. The seconds between the knock on the door and the opening are “hold your breath” moments for me . . . the pulse races, butterflies flap around inside and I consider flight! No reason for concern, the door was opened by a casually dressed, incredibly hot looking, movie star handsome, friendly guy, who welcomes me in and breaks the ice by offering me something to drink.

Dave’s studio is a very cool space, decorated in a minimal but comfortable style. Sexy indirect lighting highlights some of his artwork, candles are burning and soft music is playing. Dave takes a seat caddy corner on the couches and we talk for a few minutes. As we were getting to know each other, the details of the space swim into focus. There is an elephant in the room! Standing in the corner like a contemporary sculptural version of a medieval device is something that I’ve only seen is pictures, a full sling rig.

I know that Dave is sensitive to my anxiety and is trying to make me feel comfortable by taking it slow, but all I want is my hands on him. I ask Dave if I could move over by him, “Of course.” His body immediately melts into mine with full upper body contact and my hands start to slowly explore his well chiseled chest, arms, back and butt – his soft moans tell me this is going to be something special. After we slowly remove each other’s shirts, Dave suggests we move to the bedroom. Here again the mood is perfectly set, with soft lighting and candles burning. The king size bed is perfectly made with fresh linens.

Dave sheds his shorts revealing a stunningly hot, black leather jock strap and reaches for me. Cock to cock in a standing clinch, Dave assertively lays me on my back on the bed and positions me in the center. The mirror on the ceiling is strategically placed to watch what is happening. He kisses and licks his way down my torso. Behind my head, the wall mirror provides a compound reflection of the ceiling mirror with a perfect view of Dave’s jock-strapped ass. Dave is super skilled at ALL things oral and he leaves no body part unattended.

Not to be out maneuvered, I pull Dave up and take off the leather jock-strap (which felt great by the way) and focus my attention on him. Dave is very verbal and his pleasure is real and evident. I LOVE a responsive partner and Dave is responsive in spades! I am a total top and Dave is happy and skilled at accommodating everything I have to give.

Dave asks me to lie on my stomach so he can massage my back – the full body contact back rub is melting away any residual tension. Dave is pushing himself against me as he works my shoulders with his hands. Dave’s hard body feels great against mine. I hear a condom wrapper tear, and tense, “Woah, we’re not going there!” Dave responds, “Why not?” I pause not knowing how to answer. Dave tells me about another culture that he knows of, where men have sex with each other believing that doing so keeps the entire universe in balance. A short but intense discussion and negotiation follows. Dave is very persuasive and with a great deal of trust, and Dave’s promise that “I will not hurt you,” I put myself under his control. After a tense few minutes I say, “This just isn’t working for me.” Dave makes the observation that I might not be into it but my dick is, as it has stayed rock hard the entire time. He asks if we can give it a few more minutes while he finds the position that feels good to me. Dave begins an incredibly athletic, cirque- du-soleil-like manipulation of our joined bodies, directing me at all times on how to move, where to grip, and how to lie. As the tension decreases, the pleasure increases and I’m soon in sync with his movements. Sensing the time is right; Dave has me clasp my hands around his neck and carries me to his sling never losing our connection.

Before tonight I have never been topped and I have never even seen a sling. Now I am lying in one with a hot cock inside me rocking back and forth. Dave demonstrates the different ways to use the sling and then asks if I want to fuck him in the sling – HELL YEA! When he stands me up, I’m light headed and wobbly on my feet, but that passes quickly and I lay him back in the sling. A bowl of condoms on the window shelf and the lube on the table next to the sling are examples of how thoughtfully Dave’s playroom is equipped. I slipped his feet through the leather straps and mount up, another first. Being able to reach down and play with his nipples, his biceps, and his rock hard cock is incredibly erotic.
Dave wants to cum and we move back to the bedroom. I concentrate on his nipples, balls, stomach. He’s moaning and tugging and I know he is close. A kiss on his stomach is the trigger and he loudly announces what’s happening. I rise up in time to take his explosive load across my chest and cheek, and two shots hit the mirror on the wall above the headboard. And I thought I was the big cummer!
Dave playfully says, “OK, I’m done. I’m ready to go to sleep now.” No chance buddy! He turns all his attention on me and brings me to the edge with his hand and mouth and holds me there for what seems like eternity. When he finally lets me cum, I give him a full load, “I’m NOT finished,” I tell him and start jacking myself. As I look up into his eyes, I see a puzzled expression on his face. My back arches and I cum a second time just as big as the first.

Dave: “Holy shit, you came twice!”
Me: “I told you I was multi-orgasmic.”
Dave: “But I thought you’d need a short break between.”
Me: “Yea, I’ll be ready again in a few.”

Dave brings us water and we cuddle and talk about our lives for a while. I accept his offer of a shower and he turns it on to warm up. What happens next blows me away; Dave directs me under the shower head and I stand there stunned as this beautiful, gentle prince of a man washes every part of my body. We talk about our lives and futures. Fresh fluffy cotton towels, I dry, dress and it’s time to go. A kiss at the door and it shuts behind me.

I entered the session as a Top; I leave the session as Versatile Top. Dave is a “Five-Diamond” companion. There is no higher praise I can give him. He is one of the finest in the world. He is so finely tuned to the client that he has the ability to sense what you want before you even know you want it and he assertively delivers. Dave doesn’t give you what you want in the session; he gives you more than you ever thought possible! His ability to read the client, his sensitivity, spontaneity and tenderness are unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met before. Words cannot describe the intensity of my encounter with Dave. I can only hope you will reach out and live this experience for yourself.

Dave, you are incredible!

Valerie said…

My experience is limited to only a few men in my life. I’m a 45 year old widow. My husband of seventeen years passed away suddenly a few years ago. Before him I was only intimate with two men, and after his death I dated a man for a brief period. Then I decided to hire David.

I’ve just seen him for my 5th time.

David is the only man who causes me to moan uncontrollably. I lose my sense of where I am, when I’m with him. I am normally somewhat quiet during sex, but he seems to be able to pull the moans and words right out of me.

I may not have a huge amount of experience, but I can assure you that David is very, very good.

Steve said…

Best sex I’ve had in 20 years.

It was.

Bob in Oklahoma said…

Dave is an exciting and interesting person with a massage technique that is hotter that a jalapeno! Every minute was beyond any expectation that I had before the experience. He also is sensitive to your needs and leads you where you may not know you want to go but are very happy that you went. Exciting, provocative and funny. That’s Dave. He will certainly stay in my blackberry!

Craig said…

Dave is absolutely wonderful. I haven’t had this type of massage before, and was a bit nervous at first. He’s kind, easy-going, thoughtful, and very sexy. The massage was therapeutic, and at the same time very sensual and erotic. It was the best. I hope to see Dave again.

Fun Guy said…

seriously hot, imaginative and personable. Only upsides to the experience….off the charts

Julie said…

Thank you, Dave, for a wonderful massage. You are truly the best. Love your personality and creativity. Thanks for finding my “spots” and letting me find yours! I will be back!!

Bali Bob said…

Dave is delightful! At the beginning of the first session with him, I was nervous and he was relaxed and comfortable to be with. I had a stupendous “full body” massage and his erotic interaction can only be described as absolutely sensuous! I won’t go into the incredibly pleasurable time we had after the massage but it’s safe to say I left glowing! Dave is kind enough to offer a refreshing shower following the session which even increases the wonderful feeling.

My second session, which was weeks later due to my schedule, just “took off” from where we left off the previous time together. It was even more delightful than the first as Dave proceeded to take me “over the top” again. He is great at sensing what you like and how to make it happen! What grade is higher than an A+!

Guy from New York said…

Dave just loves people. I can tell he’s the sort of guy who finds something beautiful in everyone. It’s not just about the physical. I appreciated he took some time to chat beforehand — it helped me feel more relaxed. I also enjoyed the stretching we started with — it’s easy to forget that massage is exercise not only for the masseur but for the client!

Others have said Dave is flexible — I can only concur. He is talented, communicative, and versatile. The experience was physically satisfying it was almost too sensual to handle. It was one of the most physically gratifying experiences of my life. I’d highly recommend treating yourself to Dave.

Valley Dude said…

It was a wintry cold day, and with three meetings cancelled, I called this number I had been carrying with me for such an occasion. Got everything arranged quickly and congenially. Met, and all went too quickly and extremely congenially. All of a sudden, it was no longer a cold day. He was great, and we had a fantastic time together — talking, laughing, playing, enjoying each other to the max. The proof? At one of the hottest moments of passion, a crummy radio station that was playing crummy seasonal music chose to play “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That’s how good it was! Thank you, my good friend. I won’t wait for an afternoon of cancellations to call you again.

La Boheme said…

Everything written in these reviews is true. He has the most beautiful green eyes, amazing smile, and a body like Michelangelo’s David. and Oh, what he does with that body.

What sets Dave apart from most of these bois is that he sincerely loves his job–he loves fucking. He loves meeting new people and sharing new experiences. Whether your time is spent intimately or spent just having fun–when he is with you, his complete focus is on you and giving you pleasure. But then, he really does get off on making you get off…so, it’s a win/win!

I’ve taken him to the Opera in New York and taken him clubbing in South Beach–both trips were fabulous. We picked up a beautiful, brawny Cuban at a dance club ended up back in the hotel for a really hot all nighter. Just thinking about watching Dave suck off that big black cock still gets me off to this day.

He can fuck you six ways to sunday–especially given the tricks and positions he learned in some ashram in the far East–but he also makes the sweetest submissive and will wait on his knees for direction like a good little boy.

He’s well-educated, well-read, well-traveled and infinitely versatile. He’s great at roll-play and power games and provides a trusting atmosphere for you to surrender your wildest fantasies.

He can be who or whatever you want him to be and yet he still retains that genuine sense of self. You never forget that it’s him you’re playing with. And that’s what make him so special. (aside from the mind-blowing sex in 60 different positions.)

By the way, I’m a 39 year old woman. Dave makes me feel hot and sexy.

lonnie said…

dave is just THAT. i met him last week and i am still smiling. his place was clean and modern and felt like a spa.

dave met me at the door and offered me a drink. we sat on the couch and i was impressed with his attitude and the way he carries himself. the man is intelligent and simply gorgeous. he gave me a great naked massage, i was having a hard time keeping still while his long, lean body slid up and down my back. i had to touch his legs and whoa…he turned me over and kissed me while our cocks rubbed together.

since i am versatile as well, we had a great time. the man gives as well as he receives, and he gave me a surprise or two. two hours with dave is a drop in the bucket as far as i am concerned, but i had a meeting across town that i couldn’t miss. dave even washed me in the shower. he made me feel like a prince.

point is, if you’re looking for someone who loves what they do, is safe and energetic and loads of fun, dave is your man. i’ll be calling again very soon.

politically bent said…

I’ve read the reviews here, and I think that people have described Dave pretty well. What they don’t mention, however, is his sense of humor. This man does not take himself too seriously, and truly knows how to have fun when he is naked.

I’m a 35 year old guy, in good shape, considered handsome. I hire men like Dave because I’m involved in politics in this town, and I need to be discreet. I appreciate his professionalism and the fact that his place is always spotless. And, his design scheme looks like a “W” Hotel! This guy is definitely worth the money.

Mr. Pat said…

Dave is quite the experience. He has an apartment near Dupont Circle which he has set up just for his massage/escort business, not his residence. Although he does do outcalls, I would highly recommend seeing him in this place. It’s totally set up for work: lighting, music, comfortable bath/shower with loads of towels, and a great king-size bed.

We started with a brief conversation over a drink on his sofa; he’s a very pleasant guy and fun to talk with. Before long, he had me doing some stretching exercises on the floor, then it was off to the bed.  He began a massage–very competent, not a wimpy “body rub”–but before long we were all over each other. Great, passionate kisser, and a wonderful cocksucker. He’s mainly a top, but I am too so he willingly bottomed. Several positions, very verbal, a really hot fuck. He managed to get me off twice in two hours, quite an accomplishment.

We cuddled for a while after, and then showered. Even the shower was sensual, although we were both spent. A great time, and I’ll certainly be back.

He is not a “clock watcher”, which actually could have been awkward. There is nary a clock to be found in his place, and my watch was gone within minutes of arriving. I had scheduled him for his usual 1.5 hour minimum appointment, but by the time we were done it had been 2 hours. He never mentioned it, but I did pay him a bit more for the additional time.

JohnBoy said…

Second encounter with this man who clearly enjoys his sex. He blew my socks off! Friendly, intelligent, punctual, sensual, totally at ease with his body, eager to please, moans and groans, versatile, safe, passionate, sexy. Just a few words that come to mind after two hours of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I’m getting a hard on just thinking about it. He shaved my ass and balls again and then ate my hole until I couldn’t stand it. Neat bag of tricks which included a very stimulating egg that vibrates once he inserts it.

Oh my god. Lots of anal play, kissing, caressing, groping. Upscale apartment near Dupont Circle which is fully equipped and very comfortable. Glass of wine and mood music. Our session ended with a nice warm shower, with Dave thoroughly washing me and then wrapping me in a big warm towel.

Reasonable rate which calls for a generous tip. Believe me; you won’t be disappointed.

Grandpa said…

This was my second time with Dave. Both have been wonderful; among the best escort experiences I have had.

Contacting Dave was a bit difficult at first. I prefer email and he does not always respond quickly. I had to wait almost a week after the first message; after that it was better. He prefers phone communication and will not confirm a first appointment until he has talked to the client by phone. For my second appointment, things were much easier, with no phone conversation necessary. But email returns still took 1-2 days. The phone and email conversations are very straightforward and businesslike, for which he apologizes by saying that I will be “blown away” by the experience. He has been right both times!

Dave’s stated age appears to be accurate. His pictures are also accurate but, in my opinion, not very flattering. He does not show his face in pictures. When I first saw the real thing, I was surprised at how seductive, alluring, and attractive he is, both clothed and nude. He is lean and strong but not overly muscular. And he has a warm engaging personality which seduced me before we ever got started.

Having read his reviews before the first appointment, I was confident that I would not be disappointed. But I had a little concern that the session might feel a bit rote and mechanical. That was not the case. He has a huge “bag of tricks” and is able to cater the session to the mood, interests, and responses of his partner. While the two sessions followed the same steps, the details were different.

These details have been accurately described in previous reviews and I will not repeat them here. But I will restate that he has fabulous exercise/stretching, massage, kissing, and other oral skills. He provides lots of intimate body contact and signals his enjoyment of the same by responsive moans. And he is wonderfully versatile. His tongue and dick go everywhere!

Dave is bisexual and has a wide variety of clients. His reviews here are a testament to the fabulous experience he provides.

I look forward to my next (longer) appointment, already made, when I can get to know him better and find out about his interesting other endeavors and travels.

Dave’s rates are low for the market and I tip him generously because he earns it (I do not normally tip).

Bottom line: Dave is great, a real keeper. I look forward to may more meetings in the future.

Tom said…

My Experience: Awesome! What a combo! Hot massage followed by hotter sex.

Great location near DuPont Circle in an apartment expressly outfitted for a pasionate encounter on a king size bed Dave uses as a studio for clients.

Dave gets to know you first then a brief nude stretching exerience followed by an intense massage with all those Eastern touches he learned abroad. A great conversationalist, Dave has an advanced degree and uses his cultural skills to create a sensual experience for the sexual climax using all positions and techniques imaginable. He knows how to use that tool in sensual ways all over the body.

Dave is versatile and likes it both ways. What could be better? Not a clock watcher, he likes to conclude the session with a sensual shower, giving full atttention to all body parts, front and back.

Here is a guy not to be missed. Likes to travel too.

Jeff said…

With Dave, I had what was maybe the most sensual experience of my life. It was amazing. And the best part of it all was that it felt as if it were happening with a treasured friend. The connection this man makes with you is simply unbelievable. I would be in his capable arms every week if it were possible.

Anonymous said…

There are no words to describe what a great time I had with Dave. I read the reviews before deciding to call him, and let me tell you that all the reviews accurately describe him.

I’m 52, married, and had only one brief encounter with a guy before, so I was nervous and passive. When I arrived, Dave took the time to chat first to put me at ease. I immediately felt so comfortable and felt like I was talking with an old friend. Dave is very attractive, sexy, masculine, and has a great personality.

We stripped and began with some stretching, then moved to the bed for a massage. That was just too wonderful to describe. But what followed just blew me away. He was assertive and forceful yet gentle and sensual, and when he entered me he was so skilled that it didn’t hurt at all, even though I only did it once before with a guy much smaller than he is and I didn’t think I could take him. Oh, and his cock and balls are so big and gorgeous.

Dave truly seemed to enjoy himself as much as I enjoyed myself, which really turned me on. We ended with a wonderful shower together. Only then did we discover that we went way over the allotted time.

I will definitely get together with him again. I wish I lived here so I could get together with him every week.

So please don’t call him, I want him all for myself!

Lynn said…

Dave is a true mensch. He is a big hearted man who is passionate, sexy and playful. He has an open mind and is always ready to try anything and to suggest things I would never have thought of, and we always have a super, hot, erotic session.

Dave will always please you and you will never be disappointed. Give him a try and you won’t able to resist him.

By the way, I have offered marriage on many occassions, but he is playing coy!

Hawaii Surfer said…
Dave is fantastic. I was not sure what I would be expecting. I must say my wildest dreams and fantasies were fulfilled. He was exotic, gentle, strong, a real dream. His entire decorum as so professional. He made me feel so comfortable. He was understanding, adventurous,a teacher and a great erotic journey. I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to lifted off the earth and to fly in utter bliss.It likes catching a wave on the North Shore and flying in the air without touching the ground… thanks Dave…your Hawaiian student.. smile

reston guy said…

Dave was absolutely fun to be with. The massage was great and the naked fun was even better. He switched to being dominant in a second but stayed sensual and sensitive at the same time. Definitely worth many more repeats …

Ren said…

He is a great guy; both in looks and in personality and is sooo passionate. This was my first experience with him, but I would love to enjoy the complete sequence of events with him again and again.

We began by sitting on the couch and talking for a while. He’s great to talk with and we probably could have just done that for quite a while. But, since he didn’t want me to miss out on any of the fun, he announced that he thought we should begin. He likes to start with some stretching exercises on a mat, so after we stripped, the exercises began. I think they really did help to limber me up for the massage which he did while I was laying face down on his very comfortable king-sized bed. The massage was a combination of what you would expect from a regular message—his hands rubbing warm lotion on my body along with him stretching my limbs—-AND the most passionate rubdown with his entire body gliding over mine along with the sensations of his mouth, tongue, teeth, breath, AND dick on my butt, back, neck and ears.

When it was time for me to turn over he was passionate and tireless and looked and sounded so into what we were doing. He’s amazing. We finished with him jerking me off and I came and came—-sooo intense. Then he sat me up between his legs as he lied back and jerked himself off and came all over my chest. Watching him, I felt like I had partly experienced him coming too. I didn’t want to be topped, but wanted to fuck him which he was all for. But, I came before that happened and hope that next time I’ll hold off coming until I do.

Afterwards, we talked some more before taking a shower; this was a very enjoyable activity. After drying off and getting dressed I thanked him for the wonderful experience and left; although, he didn’t rush me out. I thanked him again more fully in a follow-up email and received a nice reply. The two hours sped by and I totally look forward to enjoying another amazing session with him soon.

Jake said…

This was the BEST time I’ve had naked with anyone in a long time. Dave is very fun and EXTREMEMLY flexible. After our physical play we hung out in his bed, and talked about diverse subjects including scuba diving, cigar preferences, our past relationships, and when to travel to India. TOTALLY connected with this guy. Oh yeah, he has a great dick and a great smile. Dave, I WILL be back. Thanks for a blast, man.

ctdick said…

Everything the previous reviewers have said about Dave is true. He is handsome and sexy, he is a good conversationalist on a variety of topics, he has a great apartment for incalls, a session with him is fun, he is a great kisser, the session is not over until a very erotic shower, etc.

What I need to emphasize is that in both the massage and sex he was innovative. I am not new to either area but there were at least a half dozen novelties in our session. I’ve never had a masseur use his knees on my back. I’ve never has anyone use a feather on me. He encourages feedback so that he can direct the session to most please the client.

I’m sorry that Dave is so far from Connecticut. I’d love to see him often. This is one guy who deserves a very high recommendation.

bobchitown said…

I had given up on ever finding a top in DC, and has passed up Dave’s listing on the escort site I normally use several times, since I wasn’t attracted to the picture at all. (At my suggestion, the picture has now been changed.) I finally read a few of the reviews there, went to his webpage, really liked what I read and saw and decided to give him a shot.

Since I had a few days advance notice, and since I prefer to e-mail, I decided to contact him that way even though he recommends phone calls. To my surprise, within an hour he was calling me and it was the easiest setup I’ve even done. We talked a bit, he was clearly very well spoken, and we settled on a time. Since I was in the car and couldn’t take notes, he agreed to send me the directions to his place via e-mail, which he did within a few minutes. All set.

We had scheduled a late evening appointement at his place, and it turned out to be just a couple blocks from my hotel in a nice DC neighborhood near Dupont Circle (easy walk from the Metro). The building is a bit iffy, but his apartment is wonderful – large, clean and bright. He greeted me at the door in a tank top and shorts, we hugged and he invited me to get comfortable in the living room. He opened the bottle of wine I brought, after offering other options, and then we sat and talked for a bit. This is one reason I prefer longer sessions, since I can relax a bit before diving right in. We talked a bit about expectations, and specifically kink and whether I was still interested in the WS I had mentioned in my e-mail. I said “maybe” and he said “we’ll see.” At some point we began to stroke each other’s legs and then to kiss – deeply and intimately. He then said – time to get naked, let’s go into the bedroom.

The bedroom was large and airy, with a big bed and a ceiling fan keeping things cool. The windows were open (as were the curtains, another exhibitionist!) He offered to close them, but I declined. A long session of kissing and touching was followed by mutual oral,and I got to rim his squeeky clean ass. As his clothes began to come off I discovered that he exactly matched his description and photos. Nice hairy chest, great straight dick that turned out to be the perfect size for fucking, hard body, and a wonderful smile and expressive eyes. My experiences throughout the session showed me that Dave is a great guy, very giving and open to most anything safe, and a very experienced and thoughtful lover. Someone who was able to figure out my desires, to address them, but to also test my limits a little. After quite a bit of fooling around, we decided it was time to fuck, and I can only describe what followed as “wild monkey sex”. He is into yoga, and the flexibility showed as he fucked me in more positions than I thought possible. The finale was when he was on his back sort of hanging off the bed (probably uncomfortable, but he didn’t complain) with me riding his dick like a demon. He hit just the right spot, I think I screamed, and shot my load. After we recovered he got comfortable against the head of the bed and began to jerk off while I sucked his balls. After a few minutes he came so hard he hit the mirror behind the bed.

We relaxed for a bit chatting, and after awhile he sort of sat on top of me facing me and then got an evil look on his face. Soon he was letting a bit of piss out of his dick and said “what do you think”. I said “sure”, and before I knew it we were having an interesting, although messy, bit of fun.

We then showered together, he toweled me off, we had our final kisses and I said goodnight.

Give Dave a try, I had an outstanding experience.

Kurt102 said…

I’m impresssed by the comments from Dave’s clients. I love to get a sensual massage and get jerked off or rubbed off at the end. I am married and therefore am very careful, i am not looking to fuck or get fucked. Held etc, but no body fluids exchanged. I am retired, 67 years old, in great shape. Have great sex with wife…but love cummin with a man. Me 185,…5’8″…4-5″cut. Very Passionate. Would Dave ever consider a mini Senior deal for an hour, massage and gettin off…I am sure it would be very popular. I cant afford $250 on a fixed income but i could justify say $100 to $125 for the shorter time without all of the bells and whistles.. these could be fillin massages. Reading about Dave really turned me on.

Dave said…

Thanks for your comment, Kurt102.  Actually, thanks to all of the men and women who have written comments here.  I normally don’t comment back on the comments, but I want to take this opportunity to clarify some things.

Kurt102 said…

I am not one of those people.  I would rather focus on the quality of the appointment, and give each person I see 110% of my attention and effort, than to increase the quantity of appointments throughout the day.

I would suggest that, unless you are needing these massages frequently, you save up the times you would normally hire, and consider seeing me once, instead of, say, three times with other people.  My personal goal is to give you one of the top ten physical experiences of your life, and if I were successful at doing so, I think you would decide that saving up was worth it.

Miss T said…

I did not expect what I got. Dave is very well spoken on the phone and I kept asking him if this was a professional massage, and he said it was. Which is what we started with.

But as his cock rubbed against me, my pussy got wet and I started moving my hips. He ended up fucking me… I came and came… and it was amazing.

And then afterwards, just like when I arrived, we talked at length, about all sorts of things in our lives. If there are any ladies out there who are hesitant, I would definitely encourage you to book a session with this intelligent-sexy-sensitive man.

I am 41 years old, divorced and attractive, but tired of the dating scene-It’s Just Lunch-egotistical men. My friend suggested I get a massage from a man, for some touch therapy. Now I don’t know how to tell her what actually happened!

mwmtouch said…

Wow! What can I say? Dave is a phenomeanl, inciteful, caring person. Not only did he help me know that I could trust someone again, he took me to places that I have only imagined. From the first time that his hands touched me until the end of the shower I was truly amazed and enthralled with this beautiful man. I will be back for more!

Gordon said…

I have utilized your services twice on trips to Washington, DC.
You have a wonderful touch and an intrinsic ability to discern what a client needs.
I found you a warm and caring person and very talented at the work you do.
You took me to a level of ecstasy I had not experienced before. Both times you came to my hotel for a session, It seemed like my entire body went to a different place, a place of rapture.
You have a special gift.

AnonymousAnonymous said…

hey dave thanks for the few hrs had a good time woof centreville

Bill from NYC and Berlin said…

Wish I could afford this regularly!
Physically and intellectually satisfying!

Will come back next time I’m in DC. Loved every minute and every movement!
Many thanks!

Bill from Georgia said…

The hottest 2hours I have spent in years……

Allen Rosenthal said…

Dave is an incredibly handsome guy, with a great smile and a tight, lean muscular body (he his much hotter than the pics show). And…he is a genuinely nice guy–who really cares about putting you at ease. His sensual massage is mindblowing. Ninety minutes with him is life changing–and that’s not an exaggeration! Dave is the best.

enthusiast2 said…

I have been seeing Dave for the last couple of years, and he has been great – the most amazing sex within a zone of comfort. He is playful, inventive, and very, very sexy. Gets me doing things I haven’t tried before, and always comes up with something new. Great sense of humor as well.

Last week, I decided to ask him to arrange for me to be with both him and Jeff, and it was yet another level of fun. Lots more possibilities with 3 of us, particuarly with someone as inventive and fun as Dave. I will continue to keep seeing him, when I need a treat (and what a treat it is – visual, tactile, sensual, and all around fuckin’ hot!)

fannyc said…

It was easy to contact Dave and he went out of his way to change his schedule to meet me. He’s located in a great neighborhood in DC and it was easy to find his place. This is my second time seeing Dave, and he remembered everything from our first meeting. He is a buffed man with a little body hair. He greeted me with a very long passionate kiss and hug that seemed to go on forever. (It was a freezing night outside, so I appreciated it.) His tongue is unbelievable.

He asked if I wanted a drink, which I declined. He took me to the bedroom and began to his subtle domination, again, which he remembered. Once the clothes came off, we continued with massage and his taking control. He is great at both.

What happened then is between the two of us, but I have never released as often before. Afterwards we had a sensual shower together. Dave is the best, as a person and as a man.

Mike from Delaware said…

I concur with all the comments here. I am a trained massage therapist and have given and received hundreds of massages. The “Dave” experience is beyond massage!!! I have been seeing Dave for months and every time is unique. He is strong/sensitive and spiritual/sensual. His intuition and empathy is always on target.

Last evening can only be described as profound! The passion was intense and built to a level that was primal- our bodies seemed to melt into one another. As Dave said, “we tesseracted” – for a moment we were transported to a different place, in space and time. This was something I had never experienced before, and I find it hard to put into words.

Dave is a great guy- full of fun and enthusiasm for life and depth. When Dave touches your body, he touches your soul. You have to love him – I know I do!!!!!!

bobchitown said…

I’ve been with Dave twice now and in both cases was left wanting more. I was initially a little wary, since he advertised in many places with different names – not necessarily a good thing in my book, and since he didn’t have many reviews where I first found him.

Initial contact was prompt and open, and he has a great place just off DuPont Circle. Neat and clean, with a big bed and a great shower.

This guy is into many things, I’d actually say pretty much everything, and is the most adventuresome I’ve been with. He seems to take stock of the client very quickly and adjusts the session to the desires and the mood. On my first trip I was a little subdued initially as I tend to be the first time, and he took his queues from that. We started to kiss and snuggle on the couch, shared some wine, and then moved into the bedroom for a long relaxed session that involved lots of mutual action in many positions. He practices Yoga and uses his flexibility to great advantage. Toward the end of the session he got an evil grin on his face and we turned a little wild for awhile. Great session.

My second trip began in a funny way, since it was early morning – the only time we could get together – and he had clearly just woken up. So, we had some coffee and chatted a bit about what we might do. I expressed a desire to be a bit more wild, he got that evil grin again, and before I knew it I was tied up on his bed with what seemed like 500 clothespins stuck all over my body. Another great, although completely different session and I got the chance to explore a new side of myself.

At some point when he did something completely unexpected I said “you just make this up as you go along, don’t you”, and his answer was “evil chuckle, yeap”.

He says he is completely bi, not even 50/50 in a “I like both” sense, but more “It doesn’t matter, I like it all”, and that sort of sums up this guy. He’s also obsessed with cleanliness, health and safety, something else I think is a good thing.

nyc2003 said…

I spent time with Dave yesterday. He is a fantastic man to meet. His pictures are OK, but he is more muscular and a strong man. Easy to contact and to meet near Dupont Circle.
Dave begins with stretching, which I think is to establish trust. His massage is both light, strong, and sensual, since he uses arms, legs, feet and the rest of his body.
And his personality is open, generous and affirming.
What Dave says about himself is correct: he can be dominant and kind.
Great conversation both before and after.
If Dave isn’t the best in DC, then no one is.

Tom said…

I was with Dave yesterday. It was awesome. He is one of the most incredible men I have been with. He puts you at ease, very sensual very sexy and imaginative. I was with him for 2 hours and it was unbelievable. I highly recommend

Foss said…

I was with Dave this past Thursday. I can say that he knows how to give ecstatic pleasure. He is good looking, muscular and full of energy which he communicatees well. he has a broad smile and quite frankly we had a lot of fun, even though we the time spent was very serious.
Creativity? well it takes on new meaning. i have a kinky side to me, and he indulged me,,, and did it in ways that made the old stuff seem very new… WOW!

South La guy said…

I spent two hours with Dave this week. He was amazing! I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with several young men over the years, but Dave is in a class by himself. Never rushed. Always comfortable. Definately pushed the envelope! I will try to see Dave every time I return to DC.

French Teacher said…

Afterwards — walking back to my car I felt as though I had been cast as the lead role in one of my favorite videos. An unforgettably wonderful experience that left me deliciously exhausted, exhilarated and looking forward to another visit. Me: prof in shape 50s likes well built lean young men with skills.

Robert R. said…

It’s been nearly a month since seeing Dave, and I’m still thinking about it!

He is everything he represents himself to be, and more, much more!

He’s extremely intuitive, sensual, seemed to know exactly my desires and how to put me at ease. Very handsome, intelligent, and genial personality, and did I say sensual?

Thanks again, Dave, for a memorable time that I hope will soon to be repeated many times…

AnonymousBashfull Bob said…
For me, being compartmented means infrequent stealth liaisons. With Dave, whom I felt was a blood brother, the comparmentalization was shatterd by his frankness, wit, charm and ample abilities. I remain stunned by his abilities–if only I could. Warm, honest and caring — you’ll find no one better I believe — he is someone to treasure — an encounter of utter wonder even if you are as reticent as me. My regard, respect and thanks to Dave (whom I would love to call my brother), Bob

radc said…

WOW!! I went to see Dave on Jan. 21for the first time. I was very nervous and anxious to see what was going to happen. As soon as he opened that door, he made me feel welcomed. After a few minutes of conversation, he made me feel at ease.

I definitely agree with everyone that Dave is GORGEOUS and beautiful inside and out. I have never had a massage like this one with someone who is passionate about not only his work, but people. He is very sensual and romantic. His body on top of mine was amazing….He is definitely on “TOP” of his game. We had some touching conversations after our steamy, hot massage & shower, and he made me feel very special.

I would definitely recommend Dave to everyone. I’ll see him again very soon.

Anonymousmanreadyokc said…

I was in Washington, D.C., for a week long meeting and found Dave’s listing on this site and others under a variety of names, but all leading to his website. I liked what he had to say, so I contacted him by e-mail and phone and we set up three consecutive afternoon sessions of two hours each at his place, not that any of the three ended after only two hours. A word to the wise . . . he much prefers phone contact to e-mail, although e-mail works, too.

This man is amazing . . . truly, in so many different ways that it’s hard for me to believe that the things we did in those three sessions really happened the way I remember them, but I know they did. Each day was different. The first day we spent a little while visiting in his living room and then moved to the bedroom . . . still fully clothed . . . and then explored each other while stripping on the bed . . . very hot! Then about an hour . . . or so it seemed . . . of mutual oral of every imaginable kind came next. He’s an amazing kisser and could tell that kissing is high on my list, but what that man can do with his mouth and tongue . . . gives me chills to think about it even now . . . he holds nothing back and really made me want to give back everything I was getting. And then the fucking . . . omigod. I know he’s versatile, but he was an incredible top with me. He fucked me in every possible position until he found the one where he was deepest inside me, and kept me there for what seemed like forever . . . I was in absolute heaven. After explosive orgasms, we stayed tangled together kissing and snuggling until we were both recomposed. Then the shower together . . . he does the washing . . . and a damned thorough job of it he does! An amazing end to an absolutely perfect afternoon . . .

Days two and three were equally as exciting but had a couple of different twists that were new to me, and, as a result even more exciting. Day two began with Dave shaving my balls and ass . . . very hot, indeed, and then proceeded to a sequential display of a number of sexual toys that he would individually hold up and I would say yes or no to each one. I said no to most of them but said yes to being restrained face down on the bed and to a number of anal toys including a glass dildo that he skillfully and carefully used to drive me into a state of sexual frenzy that made our fuck session even hotter than the day before. Understand, of course, that I was in complete control of which toys he used and he released the restraints the instant I asked him to . . . my pleasure was always his primary focus. Day three started with an absolutely incredible massage that other reviewers have described. He uses his entire body . . . elbows, feet, knees . . . everything! Absolutely amazing massage . . . never had one like it before and I doubt that I will again from anyone but Dave.

To say that I had an exciting, exhilarating, incredibly fulfilling experience with this marvelous man redefines understatement. I think one of the most important reasons that I feel this way, other than his obvious sexual skills, is that the fact that he is a totally human, nice guy with a particularly disarming smile, who is driven to satisfy any man he’s with and doesn’t rest until he does . . . he certainly did with me.

Thanks, Dave . . . I’ll be back!

Matt (and Lisa) said…

I’ve seen Dave a number of times, on my own and in sessions with my wife. I can easily back up the praise for him listed here – and so could she! But the thing that most people may not know is this… the guy is like a damn PORN STAR.

Actually, he seems SMARTER than a porn star, because he says he would never get into porn. It is one of his few hard limits, which of course means no cams or video equipment during a session.
I’ve seen him do physical stunts to me and my wife that would interest Cirque du Soleil. He is fit and flexible and creative. Give him a try (if we don’t have him that night!)

Anonymous said…

Fourth time and each time gets better. Incredible sex. Passionate, intelligent, gentle, mildly aggressive, tuned in to my needs and very accommodating. Dave has changed locations and has a very nice (larger) apartment near Dupont Circle, fully equipped with all the essentials — a big bed, mirrors, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. He’s a gracious host and makes you feel at home.

He does not rush and finishes each session with a long, hot shower in which he washes you completely. Quality experience. Highly recommend this guy. A little more expensive, but worth every penny and a good tip. Can’t wait to return.

William said…

It was easy to set up a date with Dave: he returned my call promptly, was very forthcoming about his availability and things he enjoys doing, and gave me several options for when he was available. This guy is very articulate and intelligent, and I felt very comfortable setting up a two-hour session at his apartment on Dupont Circle.

The session itself was kind of mind-blowing. I was not quite sure what to expect, but based on Dave’s reviews here I thought he’d be intuitive and skilled. That was quite an under-estimation. I found Dave sexually intense, erotic, responsive, and wildly variegated in his approach to my body and the little roleplay I had suggested. My body has never been stimulated in as many ways Dave made love to it: he is an A+ kisser (really important to me), an A+ in the oral department, attacked my nipples in more ways than Sunday, safely assaulted by butt, worked my neck into a frenzy, and massaged me all over with a trained skill. On top of that, he deserves an Oscar (or perhaps an Escart) for his brilliant performance in an intense fantasy. On top of that, Dave is a hunk, easy on the eyes and with an excellent body (accurately photographed in his ads).

On top of that, this scene occurred in a wonderful sunny apartment with a fabulous view. On top of that, Dave held me and schmoozed with me for a long time after we both exploded. On top of that, Dave hand-sponged my exhausted body in his fabulous all-white bathroom. Did I forget to say that I have never seen an eruption as volcanic as Mount Dave? Distance + volume = amazing. Awesome and wonderful. “Rockin”!

Anonymous said…

I now have seen Dave many times and it just gets better and better. The man is the sexiest individual I have ever met. He make me feel like I am very special. We have made a connection and every time I see him I only feel so much better about myself. That said, I cannot even begin to tell you hot HOT this man is. His body is incredible and kissing him makes every nerve in my body tingle. I would rather keep him to myself but know that this in not possible….

Rocky Mountain Joe said…


I certainly enjoyed our time together. Besides the great time I had with you physically, it was a pleasure getting to know you personally. I haven’t had such an enjoyable experience with an individual in a quite some time. You touched my heart, my soul, and my body in ways that others haven’t. You pushed my limits and that was fun. You were genuinely interested in me as a person. And you told me information about yourself that you probably don’t usually reveal with most of your clients. I felt a real connection with you. And it all felt so natural. Thanks for the great time and the wonderful caring experience we enjoyed by being together. I’ll remember you and our time together for a long, long time.

Tomorrow early I leave to return home. I think this morning I’ll go see if there are any cherry blossoms left around the Tidal Basin. There should at least be some more tulips to see! Maybe I’ll try to see The History Boys this afternoon. Yesterday afternoon I got to a couple of the museums we talked about. Thanks for the suggestions. I hope you have a wonderful weekend where ever you may be going.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll be back in DC in the near future but if I do, I’ll certainly give you a call. In the meantime, I’ll cherish the memories I have of you and our time together. Take care.

Sunday 6-two-9 said…

Dave gave me the most unique massage I ever received. I hadn’t specified anything that I wanted and let him take me where he wanted to take me. I would say I had an intensely deep muscle tissue massage that made me feel great after it was over. My body felt so invigorated that when I reached my metro station I ran up the escalator stairs two at a time. The stop isn’t Dupont Circle, Roslyn, or Bethesda, but it does have a significant number of stairs. Other benefits of the massage are contained within Dave’s site. Let me just say that my experience was pleasurable and unforgettable. Be prepared to be an active participant in the massage and you will be rewarded. Dave has a great personality, sense of humor and is interested in his clients.

Anonymousjersey boy said…

What an incredible evening I had. I wanted to start with a massage and have Dave take over and get dominant and wild. I gave him a long list to choose from so this was not scripted. Believe me, it was not scripted.

The massage was fantastic and hit every sore spot. From there I was told to assume a certain position. You an imagine what took place next. I cannot believe the positions Dave used. After a long time being fucked, you would think we were done. But no, I was tied up and played with until all my tension was released. We ended up with a nice shower.

The great feeling go me through another day of DC meetings. I cannot wait to return.

ashley knight said…

Dave was asbolutely the most wonderful, life-changing experience of a lifetime! He was caring, affectionate, energetic, erotic, and highly skilled. One needs to trust totally in his skill and strengths and relax into one of the most wonderful several hours that one could have in a lifetime. I plan to see Dave again realy soon.

billie girl said…

what a cutie-pie! engaging, strong, flexible, fun, and tasty. we laughed, i cried, we fucked, he offered me a glass of wine. loved the backbend stretch that began the session. a wonderful all-around evening. OH, and if time allows…i highly recommend twilight at dave’s apartment, window and curtains open.

DC IT Manager said…

What a GREAT massage experience! Dave knows how to use his hands, arms, body, legs, even his knees for finding and removing stress from one’s body. Very much a flirt and a tease (in a good way), Dave made me feel like we had been buds for years. It was an enjoyable experience that I will repeat.

Northwest Architect said…

Everything that has been written about Dave in past comments/reviews is spot-on!! Finally, an escort who knows what to do AND how to deliver!!! It was THE BEST experience that I have ever had! Dave truly knows how to give an erotic massage and how to effectively and creatively top. On top of everything, he knows how to make a person feel very special through his kisses, his sincerity and his overall interest in you. THANK YOU, Dave, for an evening that I will remember forever!! I will make a point to see you again!

toefeak said…

Dave is the MAN! The body massage alone will make you want to see Dave again, and again! I was definitely a “green horn” during our first session, all thumbs… still am, LOL! I’m looking forward to a second session! Dave is completely enjoyable, and you’ll have the sense that you’ve known him for years. One thing Dave didn’t mind indulging me in was my foot fetish. He showed up wearing no socks. OMG his feet smelled great! And if you love dining on a nice ASS, you simply can’t go wrong with Dave. –Toefreak

Anonymous said…

he mapped out and played a special game with me. written directions, a path to follow, relaxation, laughter and a little pain when needed. my shoulders are no longer up around my neck. as always, time just flew. dave is indeed one of (if not the) the best!!

Man from Georgia said…

Penetrating… Hot… and UNDERSTANDING.

Major relief in a flesh capsule!

end said…

Dave is everything that everyone has said and more. Hot, sexy, caring, all of it. Just a wonderful person. Our time together went much too quickly and was absolutely incredible. Do not hesitate or overthink this. Call Dave.

Anonymous said…

Wow, what an experience! He was a joy to be with from the first moment at the door, through the massage, into some more serious play, as he washed my body in the shower, to the final kiss at the door. Highly recommended!

Former Top now Verse said…

After reading through all of the comments here I decided to contact Dave for a session. Am I ever glad I did. I was really nervous about doing this and have alot of image issues and kept thinking he was going to shut the door in my face!

You’ve already read about his place and how nice, yada yada yada, but after meeting Dave — it could have been in a 5 star hotel or an mountain Cave — it wouldn’t have mattered.
Dave could not be more genuine, sexy, sincere, sexy, talented, did I say sexy.
From the moment I walked in he made me feel not only welcome but completely at ease. after a short discussion on Passion vs Obsession I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to place my trust in him.

From the Stretching to the massage it was absolutely fantastic.
Considering myself a Top, I hadn’t bottomed in well over 10+ years I was quite surprised and very turned on when a couple fingers were replaced by something LARGER and HARDER. I wanted to go on forever but of course every volcano blows at some time!

Dave touched me in ways and in places I had never been touched and I have to say it was the Best time that I have had in I don’t know when.

I will definitely be returning for more and next time intend to show Dave my topping Techniques! But for now he has opened a door to all new possibilities for me!

Thank you Dave

If you are looking for a true man who obviously lives breathes and believes in what he does then you really need to call him. 2 days later and I still can’t get the smile off my face.

jersey boy said…

This was my return visit to see Dave. The man is full of surprises and totally unscripted. He is also a big tease which added to the fun. This time we went from wild, as soon as I walked in the door, and ended up mild.

Dave is great guy to boot and a good conversationalist which added to the experience.

GrampaSF said…

Wow! I spent this evening with Dave. This was one of the most sensuous and incredibly intense experiences I’ve ever had.

Dave was so kind and comforting as we talked before getting started. I was very nervous and he certainly made me feel calmer and I finally relaxed.

The massage was over the top! He used his entire body to give me a very sexy massage plus more. I’ve really never had such an intense sexual experience.

I really appreciated his gentleness and sincere effort to take care of me and make me feel good. He is a beautiful man inside and out. He may say he’s “professional” but I never felt like I was just a job to him. We talked a lot before and after the massage session. We had a number of things in common (like kids).

When I said he is beautiful I was certainly not exaggerating. He has wonderful big balls and a very nice, squeezable butt. The rest is very easy on the eyes as well. I could go on all night about his assets.

Anyway I am going to have to invent some reasons to come back to Washington as often as possible and spend more time with him.

Lukas said…

Have seen Dave 4 times since June, including overnights and a 3-way – that in itself says how much I enjoy the guy. Each sexual experience is different, even in several play sessions in an overnight, and each expands my boundaries while being intensely sexual, sensual, and enjoyable. I asked Dave to NYC in early November for 3 days/nights to celebrate a special occasion because I always have a great time with him, in or out of bed.

Planning. Finding a time in both our schedules took a bit of negotiating, and Dave was easy to work with. Otherwise, nothing was preplanned (other than the hotel) – my intention was to enjoy our time together, and I sure as hell did. Because we had been together several times, we did not need to discuss likes or limits in advance. Dave did remind me of his need for private time each day (which I needed also); we each took time for phone calls or e-mails as needed. Unlike the usual approach where the client makes all the decisions, Dave and I made decisions about eating and what to do outside the room in a collaborative way.

About the man: Dave is a handsome, masculine, down-to-earth, generous guy who happens to be an incredible fucker and kinkster – enjoys sex and makes sure you do to. He is intelligent, honest, knowledgeable, opinionated but curious and open to new ideas. And genuine and truthful – he can explain something basic (like best ways to prep) without making me feel stupid, and communicates directly if something isn’t working (and listens to me if I do the same). When we arrived in the room after checking in, Dave gave me a passionate kiss – he is a fantastic kisser, we kissed often in many ways during our sessions. (Remembering the reason for the celebration, Dave gave me an interactive gift, something we could both enjoy.) Before going to lunch, Dave did a quick massage fix to a sore muscle (he is superb at massage, both therapeutic and erotic). Dave is a great companion, has a sense of humor and adventure, the conversation and time together are effortless and enjoyable.

And about the sex. Dave is many things: lover, mentor, master, teacher, buddy — frequently a top, sometimes a bottom, and sometimes who cares because we’re just having fun with each other. He is an enthusiastic, caring, energetic, imaginative, hot, intuitive partner with a (sometimes twisted) mind who knows what you want/need and gives you that and much, much more. He is completely versatile, flexible, and adventurous. The sex is spontaneous, Dave is completely involved, holds nothing back, gives his best – and he keeps me completely involved and turned on at all times. We had afternoon and evening playtimes, another playtime in the morning before breakfast. Dave only engages in safe sex, and he is meticulous about playing in a safe manner and in keeping sex toys clean with disinfectant. Several times during our stay Dave cleaned our stuff so that it was ready. Our play might have torn apart the room and been messy with condom wrappers and lube everywhere, but it was always safe.

About the fucking: Dave is always hard, never flags, doesn’t need to take breaks to work it up again – whether it’s a quickie before breakfast or a long continuous evening of 3 or 4 hours. Every session includes different activities, positions, rhythms, Dave does not have a standard routine, doesn’t repeat himself. He is quick to get me relaxed and always easily in and pleasurable, never any discomfort regardless of how deep or hard he’s pounding me. Once Dave starts fucking, he stays in, only pulling out for quick condom changes as needed. He moves me into whatever position he wants me in while continuing to fuck me — and I’m about 220 lbs., not the most flexible. Can’t begin to name the positions or variations – on my back, my side with my legs at various angles, kneeling in various ways, on my stomach. Me laying on top of Dave while he fucks me from underneath (and then rotates me so that his feet are at my head, and continues fucking me). Being fucked on my side with Dave yanking my arm and body hard toward him each time he thrusts deep, working my hole from different angles and depths (he knows my hot spots). Me on my side left side, Dave on my back – he raises my right arm over my head and starts kissing my armpit (shudders), then licking and lightly biting and then deeply sucking (the feeling is so intense), all the while fucking me and driving me crazy. Love it when I can feel his whole body rhythmically pounding me, his balls slapping against me, feeling his wide cock ring or ball stretcher if he’s wearing one. Sometimes so tender with kisses I shudder, sometimes rough with ass slapping, hair pulling, face slapping, spitting, fucking with my mind. Sometimes I hear myself moaning or begging for more – I surrender and enjoy the ride, Dave knows how to give me ecstasy. Sometimes he finds ways to work his body around so that he can kiss me, or work my nipples at the same time, drives me crazy. And always eye contact whenever possible. Love watching Dave’s facial changes while he fucks me, sometimes an evil glint in his eye, sometimes the enjoyment obvious – many different Daves fucking me in any one session.

Sex play: Not just fucking. Lots of kissing, lots of body contact, lots of licking (and a little biting) whatever is close by (a foot, leg, armpit, hand, ear, whatever – it all feels good!). Dave is expert at all oral activities, and I reciprocate by deepthroating him, rimming him, licking/mouthing his balls. Lots of ass play, in both directions (great feeling, Dave’s fingers opening up my hole). And this time some new items we bought together — I used an inflatable dildo on Dave, he worked my prostate with a heavy stainless steel curved toy (an incredible way of cumming, I wasn’t even jerking off), we experimented with ball spreaders, and a weighted leather ball bag on Dave. (Other times, Dave has played with ice, hot wax, and other sensual items, a glass dildo, blindfolds, and little buzzy things in my ass while fucking me – lots of variety but always hot.) We know each other’s tender spots and hot spots – he knows ways to make me cum, holding me down and using intense nipple work and rough talk, I can make him cum with hard CBT play (squeezing/working/slapping his balls) – edge play in both directions, pushing limits, rough and tender at the same time. Dave has great, explosive organisms, I like his cum on my face and body, am in no hurry to wipe it off (don’t want him to move), works the same when I come.

Natural bodies and smells: Dave has a great body – naturally lithe, muscular and strong without being overdeveloped, light body hair (just a little trimming), a bit of facial stubble. He’s just the right size in my arms, hugging and kissing while my hands feel his back and luscious ass and hole. Even tho’ I am older and not in the best shape, I feel absolutely comfortable being naked around him, he makes me feel sexy and turned on in my own skin – nothing verbal but all in his interactions with me, how he enjoys sex with me. (And I get really turned on that he is enjoying himself, important to me that Dave is having fun too.) Besides the sex, a comfortable intimacy develops as we use the bathroom together while prepping or dressing – and we frequently shower together also (very sensual, being washed by Dave). Neither of us wear scents, and we both use light deodorant. Sometimes, we got back to the room and start playing without showering first – for me, a real turn on, I like Dave’s natural smells, the mustiness of his crotch when he fucks my face or I service his balls or eat his ass, slightly sweaty smell in other areas like the small of his neck when I nuzzle there. Love working his pits and smelling him (sure beats a soap smell!). (Note I made it clear to Dave that I liked him natural (he did not do this on his own), otherwise he is meticulous about showering first.)

Piss play. One afternoon, I was prepping, sitting naked on the toilet. Dave appeared in the doorway, in the dimness I saw his shirt open, framing his lightly furred chest, the faint smell of his little cigar mixed with his body scent a turn-on – as frequently happens, I was overwhelmed by how hot, sexy, and handsome he is, got hard immediately. He wordlessly stood in front of me, unzipped, and let loose a steady, full stream against my chest, abdomen, and crotch. When he was done, he zipped up and walked away – I let his piss dry, liked the fact that I could “feel” him there. Another time, we returned to the room after a long afternoon out and started fooling around, and Dave started fucking me (safe with a condom, as always). I hadn’t prepped, and as Dave started fucking me deeper, he stopped and pulled out. He went into the bathroom and returned with my enema bulb – he pushed the nuzzle into my hole, and I could feel his warm piss flow into my rectum – and then Dave started fucking me again – new sensations, incredible feeling, both the piss enema and being fucked while full of liquid. A little messy, but hot as hell. (I hadn’t asked for any piss play (LOL I wouldn’t have known what to ask for, all new to me), as usual Dave took the lead – which is what I have asked him to do and what he does easily.) (And sometimes I take the lead, we wordlessly and fluidly shift during sessions.)

Nipple work: Lots of mutual nipple work, lightly touching, or rubbing with an unshaven chin, licking, pulling, pinching, tugging, biting, clamping, etc., varying between light and heavy – I can give as good as I get. Dave knows how to sit on my face while working my nips – the harder he pinches and tugs, the deeper I munch and eat him out – each of us pushing the other one to more pleasure. One time at the start of a session, Dave got me turned on by kissing me and playing with my nipples. He told me to take off my clothes and get on the bed, and removed his wide leather belt as he took off his leather pants. Putting me on my back and holding my arms down, he lightly smacked my chest and nipples with the belt, building the intensity. Throwing the pants over my face, he put the belt in my mouth and started seriously working my nips – told me to bite the belt if it got too much, he would remember me when he looked at the belt – I “decorated” that belt lots.

Shaving: I was standing by the windows, watching the NYC lights, the room dim. Then Dave was behind me, very lightly kissing my neck and shoulders, his arms around me – exquisitely sexy, made me shiver. He led me to the bed, laying me on my back with my legs over the edge of the bed. Standing at the edge of the bed, very lightly he touched one nipple and then the other, sometimes outlining the area around the nipple with his finger. Electric feeling. I could see his face, quiet concentration, but couldn’t see what he was doing. And then a new feeling – very light touching movement along the skin around a nipple, then the same movement in another area. He was dry shaving my chest!!!!! An exquisite new feeling, sensuous, tactile, erotic. Watched Dave’s handsome face, in quiet concentration, he did not look at me, we spoke no words. Dave continued, slowly shaving and checking his work. Then he moved my right arm over my head and methodically shaved the armpit, then the left armpit. Next he trimmed my pubic hairs, then carefully shaved my cock and finished with my balls. I just lay there, took all this in – the experience primal, caring, loving, quietly intense and erotic – just one man grooming another, so simple and basic, so fucking hot. (BTW, shaved balls are incredible to feel – you have got to do it.)

Shopping: Both Dave and I had thought of visiting sex shops. We went first to DeMask, a classy fetish shop on Orchard Street – interesting, but more for women,, we bought only an inflatable black rubber dildo (after much discussion with the saleswomen about the various styles and sizes). Then we cabbed to the Leatherman on Christopher Street, which has an enormous collection on 2 floors. I enjoyed watching Dave try on skin-fitting latex singlets and leather pants and various jockstraps – all the while with the curtain open and the salesguy helping with fittings and advice. (Dave was not self-conscious about showing off his cock, balls, and ass as he tried on items – sure as hell kept me hard the whole time!) Then we went downstairs for even more fun selecting lace-up black leather ball stretchers (for both of us), a weighted 4 lb. leather ball sack (couldn’t get him to move to a 5 lb. one), a gates of hell cockring, and a stainless steel ass toy. And I bought Dave a special cockring (heavy brushed stainless steel, weighs almost a pound) that he liked, he was excited in an almost innocent, child-like way when holding it in his hands and trying it on (looked incredibly sexy) – how could I resist getting it for him (especially when I enjoying looking at him wearing it and thinking of playtime later)? (We did play with everything we bought, and will more in future sessions.) Shopping was fun and exhibitionistic but exhausting (we spent more than 2 hrs. at Leatherman), so we grabbed a quick meal and then jumped in a cab for the 80-block ride uptown. After a bit, Dave scooched down a bit on the spacious back seat, pushed his jeans down, and put the cock ring on. Dave got rock hard as he and I played with his cock and balls – and when traffic was light, I went down on him (4 times I think). Blow jobs in a taxi – Silly? You bet! Juvenile? Yep, I guess so – but spontaneous, fun, and hot as hell, just 2 guys having fun. (And one of many special moments that made this a special visit.)

Bottom line: Having sex with Dave is like being with a fuckbuddy who knows you well — Dave is fully engaged and enjoying himself, while completely focused on my pleasure and my enjoyment. With some guys, you’re aware that they are “working,” but with Dave the interactions are spontaneous, fun, flexible, adventurous, and intensely sexy and satisfying, with a combination of new experiences and variations of favorite things, frequently expanding limits. And Dave creates a special “safe” space so that I can explore fantasies with him. Social time is great, too. For me, overnights with Dave work best because we have time to enjoy and explore and visit, without being rushed. I will continue to see him for overnights in DC when possible, and we are planning for more travel together in 2009.

Absalom, Absalom said…

David is somebody you can develop an attachment for… one thing he doesn’t mention in his write up is that he is generous to a fault. He is also kind, truthful, candid, and incredibly tactful. Another aspect that I like is that he has a firm grasp on reality.

The guy is not a bullshitter. David is non-judgemental, and he has a disarming sense of humor.

After 4 years of seeing him, I can say:
I like his style – as a man.
I like him because he is smart.
I like him because he’s let me try all kinds of new things. I’ve discovered, since seeing him, that all of my inhibitions are collapsing!

Marley said…

I don’t mean to brag but I’ve had a lot of men. Hands down, this guy is THE BEST top in DC. Amazing.

dan said…

Good looking, hot guy who is versatile and kisses like a dream.

Anonymous said…

Dave is indeed hot. Also kind, attentive, and very sensual. Sitting in the cold, on a bed in yet another hotel room, reading the morning news on line and sipping tea, a note that “dan” has posted a message onto Dave’s website. My body just flinched as I read the message, squirming to be in DC, with his delicious hard cock inside of me. I wish there were a way to prompt my boss to send me on more trips to the capital city. OK, now I’m horny, but the morning has definitely turned much, much warmer. Thanks for the memories Dave. I hope to see you very, very soon!

PrairieHooCompanion said…

I have been seeing Dave every couple of months now for a year and a half. I expect to continue seeing him as long as he keeps working. In fact, the day he tells me we’ve had our last session I’m probably going to have myself a good long cry. Time with Dave is a genuine solace, and something I really look forward to.

I first contacted him a week after my very first hiring experience. That had been a disaster, and I was feeling incredibly taken advantage of and unfulfilled by it. I wanted to know what a truly good experience felt like, and thank God I chose Dave to redeem it all. (It was his web site that convinced me to call him, and I still enjoy paying visits there to see what he’s been up to.)

Dave is not the only escort I’ve seen in the last few months, but he is the only one I think of as a friend. When I arrive at his place, I’m always greeted with an extended where-have-you-been-keeping-yourself hug, and I really feel like I’m seeing an old buddy again. We kvetch. We tease. We catch up on our lives.

I have never been disappointed with our time in the bedroom (clearly), even on a couple of nights like this last one when my cock simply wasn’t “up” for it. Rolling around on the bed with Dave’s ample imagination taking us in lots of directions is pure bliss, regardless of the outcome. Dave is a skilled and focused lover and time with him can be mind-blowing. Here’s one reason among many:

I hire because my longtime partner won’t top. When I saw Dave for the first time I had not bottomed in more than a dozen years. The second time I saw him, I remarked that I had lots of memories about our first time together, but had no memory at all of him entering me for what was undeniably the fuck of my life. Strange, no, that I couldn’t remember something like that–getting entered for the first time in more than a decade? But I think it speaks to how gentle Dave can be when he senses it’s needed, and how completely into the sex you become when you’re with him. He’s just really intuitive about what’s going on with his bedmate at any given moment.

We’ve done plenty of things in bed, and Dave has pushed the boundaries of my sensible vanilla tastes in ways that I never expected him to. I’ve been on the bottom and on the top and in lots of places in-between. It’s–as the expression goes–all good.

Chuck said…

I’m a gay male in a long term relationship with another guy, we hooked up in our mid twenties, celebrating 30 years together in 2009. I still totally love him and the sex is great, but I’ve got a few fetishes that he’s not into. And even if he were, these are fetishes that I want to do with another person. So I like to see escorts. My partner is totally OK with this, we call it my “entertainment expense”!! Works out fine …. safe, private, uncomplicated relationship on the side. But it can be difficult to find an escort who really understands why a client has a certain fetish and can get inside that client’s head and make him feel really really good. I believe Dave is that kind of guy. My session with him was definitely one of the all time best sessions I’ve ever had. And he even threw in some “regular sex” that I hadn’t planned on but sure did enjoy. Before I fully knew what was going on, he had lubed me up, slipped on a condom, and was putting that big cock in my ass. I’m really tight and being on the receiving end of anal sex has always been my least favorite activity, but damn it felt good with Dave. I had to turn around and look to see what was going on. And I had to reach and touch his cock just to make sure he was wearing a condom. But of course he was, he’s no unsafe idiot, he’s an intelligent safe guy. The brand he uses is definitely the best, it really feels like skin on skin. I definitely want some more of that action the next time we meet, although I won’t tell my partner … he thinks my “entertainment expense” is for fetish only, not “regular sex”!! Oh, one last thing: the body pics of Dave are really him, and they are recent, not 10 year old pics. I was a bit worried about not seeing his face on his site, I’ve met guys before with great bodies but the face didn’t quite do it for me. Don’t worry, he’s hot! And his studio is great … furniture, bed, lighting, music … the man knows what he’s doing.

Lukas said…

Did another three-day visit with Dave (hey Dave, next winter I promise a warm climate, no more subzero visits in the snow) –- a most satisfying visit full of sex, intimacy, fun, and more sex. Dave is a mindreader –- I had a fantasy I wanted to experience with Dave, and before I had time to talk about it Dave did the scene as our first sexual engagement of the visit –- the reality of experiencing my fantasy and his expanding my boundaries was mindblowing. Dave is an incredible partner, whether surprising me with something new or fucking me in some of my favorite positions.

And I managed to surprise Dave, too –- what started out as a short session of Dave modeling jockstraps turned into an intense long scene with me on top. Yep, Dave is an incredible partner –- once I got turned on by seeing him squirm as I worked his sensitive balls and played with his ass, I got inspired to try some new tricks.

Special vignette: We went to sleep late one evening. Several hours later when I got back into bed after being up for a few minutes, Dave half asleep hugged me from behind and kissed my neck and back to warm me up. I felt his hardon, and soon he was quietly and softly (and safely) fucking me. We both slowly drifted asleep again, with him on top of me and still inside me –- a wonderful feeling, I don’t know how long we slept this way, but it was very sensual and enjoyable.

Dave is a great guy to explore with –- inventive, caring, affectionate, gentle or demanding (or kinky) as needed, flexible, sexual and sensual, experiencing each spontaneous moment with you. The casual time is great too. Too much of a good thing is wonderful, have scheduled more time with Dave for the spring.

Kentucky said…

I love Dave, he is such a down to earth guy and that body of his is hot and he knows how to use it. What a great guy.

Jim said…

I saw Dave last night and had a wonderful experience. He’s very easy to talk with and we moved quickly into a very erotic time together which was like a vacation for me. I found myself really letting go under his touch, and enjoyed bottoming for him as I never have with anyone before. If that is something you are exploring, I highly recommend Dave. I look forward to seeing him again.

HongingGoose said…

I’ve hired Dave twice–for two very pleasurable experiences. He is easy to contact, responding to both emails and phone calls–although, not calls with blocked ID. I’ve hired escorts from this site across the country, perhaps forty or so. Dave was by far the best. He has a nice body and a very nice cock. But, what makes him special is his focus on his client. Both times, I felt like a guy visiting his lover–knowing all the time of course that this was a business arrangement. I haven’t had a lot of experience bottoming, but Dave was able to enter me so slowly, with so much preparation, that it was just wonderful. The time zipped by–actually, I stayed over two hours. He is definitely not a clock watcher. We finished the evening with a long shower and conversation. Can’t wait to get back to DC!!

David said…

There’s a lot to like about Dave, but I’ll only mention my two favorites (I couldn’t narrow it down to just one). The first is his playfulness. Dave is fun, he loves what he does and it shows. He has the greatest smile when he’s having a good time. The second is safety. I’m not referring to the fact that he always plays safely (which is important to me), but to the supportive environment that Dave provides, which allows me to explore, learn and enjoy.

I’ve seen Dave twice now, the first time was just last week. Before we met I told him my turn ons and my limits. We definitely covered my desires in fun and interesting ways, but we also colored way outside of those lines that I had drawn… that was my choice. My boundaries had been set for the person whom I thought Dave would be, and by my lack of experience. Luckily the real Dave merited broader latitude, so we went on a journey that I hadn’t expected. He led the way because most of what we did was new for me; the experience was fabulous enough that I came back for another round this week. Our second session was no less amazing, and I’m already looking forward to the next… I still have a lot of exploration to do, and I think that I’ve found the best possible guide in Dave.

Southern Boy said…

For those who are considering the services of Dave, allow me to join his other clients in attesting to the gift this man is to any fortunate enough to secure his services.
First let me confirm what a genuinely beautiful person he is. While he is handsome, it is his persona to which I refer. Within ten minutes of meeting Dave, I felt I had indeed made a new and rare friend. He is totally genuine. Not only is he interesting, he is engaging, intuitive, and funny. In no time, I felt I had known him for ages. Needless to say, this resulted in me being very relaxed and comfortable.
Regarding the massage experience….. It was without doubt the best and hottest time I can remember in years – maybe ever. All I can say is the two hours flew by and I will be reliving those two hours in my fantasies for a long time. There is nothing this man is not good at when it comes to his craft. He will definitely be a part of my future personal pampering.
One word of advice, be careful what you wish for… Dave will make your fantasy come true. ….only bigger and better. Stop procrastinating – Book this man now for the time of your life. Oh, by the way, I am an older guy who thought my mountaintop experiences were over. I now know better…

Pete said…

From reading Dave’s reviews before I contacted him, it was clear that his clients think the world of him. From reading his website, it was clear that he has thought through all the details and has carefully worked to make sure that from your first contact with him through the appointment itself, it’s a client-focussed experience. And now that I’ve
met with Dave myself in what was a truly remarkable time together, I want to share why I think–above and beyond the amazing physical aspects of our meeting–he is so good at this.

Now yes, it was the best damn fuck I have ever had. But even before meeting Dave in-person, I realized that he made me feel very, very safe. Not only safe physically, but also safe mentally and emotionally–that it was totally okay to be me, where I am sexually, right now, today. Dave is so very skilled as a teacher and “sex coach” that he helped me explore parts of my sexuality that I never had before, without any fear that my lack of experience in certain things might prove clumsy or embarrassing (which would definitely not feel safe). With Dave, I felt totally and completely safe, which left me free to really relax and to have a really fun and hot time with him.

Southern Boy said…

Having just enjoyed a second visit with Dave, I couldn’t resist an updated review. I honestly had prepared myself for a nominal disappointment on my second visit as there was no way to top the first one. How wrong could I be. This guy is truly amazing.

Upon arriving at his studio , which is quite chic, we sat and chatted and enjoyed a glass of wine. What followed was some of the hottest time I have ever spent. Having indicated a number of fetishes I was slightly curious about, I was inducted and initiated in ways I thought were the stuff of fiction writers.

Trust me….. No…. trust this man to fulfill every erotic fantasy you have ever dreamed of. I feel like a new man. I feel like I have received this incredible living boy toy. Mind you… this is adult fun at it’s best. As reported previously, this guy is all this and much more. He is one hell of a nice guy. I can’t wait for our next visit…

Mike said…

Dave was just great with his sensual massage. We clicked immediately. He is a great guy and is totally into the session and delivers 150%. Just great.

Samantha, with Stars said…

This man is lovely. It’s a pleasure being around him. I’ve seen him a number of times, and each time I leave, my entire body feels calm.

Although he doesn’t have as many comments from women here, I would say the same thing that End expressed above, but to any women reading this: “Do not hesitate or overthink this. Call Dave.”

Married Older Fit Guy said…

I’ve been seeing Dave regularly for 4 years now. I often think what would my life be like if I had met him 30 years ago???
I am so glad I’ve lived long enough to have Dave in my life.

FS from SF said…

NEVER have I had such an intense time with anyone. I like guys and girls, and am pretty experienced with both. But this one – he takes the cake!

Mike said…

I just finished looking at the entire site and it’s the best I’ve seen in the biz. Clear, direct and slightly erotic… I have a boner… wish I were there now…

Mark from CA said...

What a fantastic evening I had with Dave. He is handsome, sexy and unbelievably fun. In the kissing department, he is great, and in all the rest he is unparalleled.

I am a pretty experienced bottom who wanted to meet Dave in order to expand my limits. Dave was a great guide. He has a way of challenging you to try more, but in a really supportive yet edgy way. I had a blast with Dave and hope to see him again on my next trip to DC.

Anonymous said…

No one better. Kind, fun, wild, interesting, hot, sweet, smart,sexy and really really good at what he does.

EBayGuy said…

Dave is simply one of the best escorts that I’ve hired, and believe me, I’ve hired plenty. He is a great conversationalist, he is handsome, and he is a dynamo in bed.

Our time began with a drink and some pleasant chit-chat but quickly turned sexual. Dave is a great kisser. Although I did not have a laundry list of “must-do” activities, I wanted to hire someone who was comfortable with light kink/domination, and boy did Dave deliver. He pushed my boundaries, but in a very kind, sensitive and supportive way.

Before I knew it, I was tied up and Dave was using some fun tools on my body to deliver just the right amount of pain and pleasure. A short time later, I was surprised to realize that both Dave’s balls and cock were in my ass for a great fucking sensation.

There was also plenty of vanilla-style making out, body contact, etc. Then, to my pleasant surprise, I found the spot that turns Dave from a masterful top into a hot, needy bottom. In a matter of minutes, I had a condom on and was fucking Dave with passion. Our session ended with a tidal wave of cum in my mouth and piss on my body.

Overall the experience was terrific. You can’t go wrong with Dave. The next time I am in DC, I will certainly give him a call.

Ddruffyn said…

David is a true delight to be with. Everything he has to say about himself is true, and then some! He is very good at sensing just the right things to do and to say, but he’s not afraid to communicate verbally, either.

I didn’t choose to start off with a massage – I was too anxious to get my hands on him! He picks up on clues and follows leads with amazing skill.

I happen to have an especial foundness for someone with a nice set in a loose sack, and Dave ceratinly has that. I loved feeling those pressed against me while he was deep inside. We took turns doing all sorts of things to each other, and it was all totally great.

I didn’t BEGIN to explore the wide palette of experiences that Dave very apparently can provide. Despite his ability to go to the “wild side,” there is no need to fear. He will find your comfort level, even for the most mild, and lock right in on it.

The most amazing part of me was, he made ME feel like the sexual superstar! While his energy, flexibility, and creativity seem boundless, he always made me feel like I was delighting him in every way possible, without seeming insincere in any way. The danger here is that you might be tempted to go into the business yourself, since Dave makes you feel like a sexual maestro!

Despite all he can deliver, I had the incredible good fortune to do something to him that he has done for others, but never had anyone to do to him before. In retrospect, I wish I’d kept that up a bit longer – we were both enjoying it! Got distracted with all the other possibilities. (How’s that for a clue as to who this is, Dave?) You bigger, stronger fellows who top sometime – as him if there’s anything he’d like…

My only “regret,” if you can call it that, is that he actually fucked me with such vigor and stamina that his hip bone bruised my butt bone a little bit. Can you imagine being fucked like that? Well, now I can – but be assured, he’d only do it if you wanted him to…

I don’t have a lot of money to throw around, and I don’t rent very often, but Dave is enough to make me wish I were a wealthy man!

There’s so much more to be said, but much of it has been said so well by others. I just wanted
to add my voice to all the others, and say “this man is a find!”

If I ever get back to DC with free time and free $$, you can bet on whose number I will call.

Pat said…

Fantastic. You are gorgeous.
You made my night!

Lukas said…

Had a great three-way last night with Mick NY and Dave from DC — and the main event was CBT. Dave was the submissive boy to Mick’s top, and I was Mick’s voyeuristic assistant. Dave really likes excessive pressure on his balls (and cock too!), and it doesn’t seem to affect his cuming, after some edging.

I know Mick from several earlier appointments in NYC. Mick and I had talked in detail about what I wanted for the evening – which was intense CBT for Dave (CBT is one of Dave’s favorite things, top or bottom). I told Dave to be prepped and blindfolded for 9:00 when we were having a “gentleman caller” – Dave did not know who was coming or what was on the agenda.

Mick arrived, kissed me, and started in on Dave (no introductions). Mick had Dave tied up in no time (arms tied above his head with belt) and fucked his mouth and worked his tits for foreplay, occasionally squeezing Dave’s cock and balls through his shorts. Then tieing up Dave’s cock and balls with rope, and slapping, squeezing, and pulling them, sometimes using a small leather paddle, riding crop, short flogger with rubber strands, or our hands; we also used clips and a Wartenberg wheel on his cock and balls. Mick sometimes gently kissed Dave and held him tight, between segments. Mick kept up a steady stream of daddy talk. I also sucked Dave, and then held his cock tight with my teeth right under the head and gradually pulled his whole cock outward. Dave remained blindfolded when he got pounded deep and hard by Mick, and Dave eventfully came with an incredible geyser while Mick and I worked his cock and balls.

After a short break, Dave (now unblindfolded) put on a 22 oz. metal ball weight/stretcher (2 “ long); Mick and I also put on lighter metal ball weights, but the focus was on fun with Dave, attaching weights and vibrating weights to the metal ball weight, and clips on his ball sack and cock to heighten the sensation. I sometimes used the vibrating weights against his cock head, balls, perineum, or hole for a bit of sensory overload while Mick worked other areas. And we continued the ball torture by slapping and hitting Dave’s balls. (We also stuffed a big butt plug up Dave’s ass.)

After another short break, Mick and I used a vise on Dave nuts, which were exposed at the bottom of the ball weight, a beautiful light purplish sac tightly enclosing and highlighting his balls – and immobile so the vise was easy to get on. Mick slowly tightened the vise screw while quietly talking to Dave, who took quite a bit as we also used our fingernails on the exposed skin of the ball sac.

Then chatting on bed after the sessions were over, with occasional short intervals of sex play. Somewhere along the way, Dave got fucked a second time, and Mick also fucked me. And I got held down by Dave and Mick working my tits and balls until I shot, after Mick also shoved a butt plug up my ass. Dave also sucked and rimmed Mick several times, and got him off too. Dave also shurgged me, to show Mick how to fuck someone with his balls and cock up the guy’s ass (great feeling as the bottom!) With the hotel room littered with condom wrappers, we finally unscrewed the ball weights and took out the butt plugs. Mick showered and went home, leaving Dave and me to play a bit more.

Mick is very experienced in CBT and can work a bottom within his limits (he uses safe words). And Dave DC is also an expert CBT top (I can testify to that, and sometimes switch top/bottom CBT roles with him) — as well as a very willing and obedient submissive boy.

J. Josephs said…

Possibly the best top I’ve ever met in my life. He’s a total experience – Dave knows how to put someone at ease, and he knows anatomy, too. I’ve never been entered as smoothly, easily and painlessly as when I was with him. It was even better than most of the things I read here.
I was amazed.

Happy Birthday to ME! 🙂 said…

Thankfully, I made the decision to “treat” myself to Dave for my birthday…..and will never regret it! As a matter of fact, I am planning overtime to get a few more sessions in! I’m not going to go into detail, there are plenty of mental pictures listed here, but will say I was pleasantly surprised by the great conversation and his sense of humor. He had me laughing before, during and after…he made sex fun again!!! He makes you feel safe, secure, sexy and adventurous! I don’t know what else to say….other than if your stuck in a rut, just need a great “massage”, or want to explore….this is the guy to do it with! Thanks again Dave…talk to you very soon!

Michael in NJ said…

I met Dave during his visit to Philadelphia in September. Wow, what an amazing massage and more from an interesting and hot man. We talked a bit at first and then a massage began with me stretched naked on my stomach across the bed. Dave’s hands touched me and soon his whole body was touching mine. After several minutes, the massage deepened in intensity as I felt his hard, beautiful cock press against the entrance to my ass. He held me and kissed my neck and I turned and he kissed me deeply in the mouth. Dave smoothly and forcefully filled me with his cock and began to fuck me, easy, than harder. Next at my request, he pulled out and soon stood over me and I took his cock in my mouth. What a delicious mouthful. I couldn’t take it all and Dave took the next several minutes to teach me how to take all of his 7-inch thick dick down into my throat. I didn’t succeed at first but soon I was sucking him down my throat. I was amazed that I could do it thanks to Dave. And Dave more than returned the favor. I will make another appointment with Dave soon in DC and expect even more hot surprises and erotic experiences.

Chuck said…

I’ve seen Dave a few times because I want to learn to be a better top and I also want to be able to handle a big d**k when I take the bottom role. Dave gave me the best f**k of my life. Seriously. After seeing Dave, I’m convinced that most guys don’t take nearly enough time when it comes to foreplay, lube, and relaxation …. they just plunge in and assume you’ll get over it! For the first time in my life, I actually enjoying being on the receiving end. I mean I really really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said…

What an awesome experience to be with Beau AND Dave! Being sandwiched between their 2 hot bodies was more than I can adequately describe. Beau is passionate & gentle and Dave is passionate and aggressive. Watching them go at it with each other was steamy. I recommend going with both.

BRAD said…

Great. Incredible. Wonderful. Will be back. Dave is a FANTASTIC guy.

Anonymous said…

I had seen Dave a couple of times before, but this last one was completely different. From the moment I arrived, he put a blindfold on me, and didn’t take it off until I was ready to leave in front of the exit door. So all the play, massage and shower after was done for me in complete darkness, without knowing what to expect at any given moment. But everything that Dave had coming my way was GREAT! I sure will keep coming back to him, as I am know becoming one of his “regulars”, and ALWAYS leave with a smile in my face. He is simply AWESOME.

Tim said…

My accolades of Dave are going to seem absolutely trite because they are repeats of all the other glowing reports this hot fucking man has received. I have hired for years and would have NEVER believed that all I have read could be so accurate. Dave sets the absolute standard for what a meeting of this nature should be. Usually I come away from a good encounter with 1 or 2 really great highlights of the time, but I am masturbating to at least 10 of my experiences with Dave over our 24 hour period of being together!! I have about worn myself out! BUT believe me when I say that I am saving my money for a repeat performance just as soon as I can possibly make it happen. This man is the BEST act in the business!

56 Rock said…

Absolutely fantastic! Great studio decorated very well. Dave has an ability to put you at ease and read what you need from the get go. Words cannot describe the level he took me to. I will be back sooner than later, as Dave gave me some food for thought for our next appointment.
Thanks so much.

Rocky Mountain Joe said...

I’m an occasional hirer of men for fun and play.  I like lots of kissing and touching as well as serious sex.  I hire for fun and exploration of my sensual self.  I like to develop a mutual connection with my escorts–I can’t really have a quality experience unless the escort is having fun, too.  I almost never hire for less than two hours and more recently have been experiencing overnights which I have been enjoying, even though they stretch my budget.  I find those who are to be the best in the business.  So I feel a responsibility to add to reviews when I have something wonderful to say about one of the escorts. I’m a mature and accomplished person with a keen interest in fulfilling my sexual needs with men who are also experienced and self-confident.

I had a recent occasion to be in DC for a few days and because I think Dave is the best there is in DC, I scheduled two sessions with him a couple of months before my trip, one of which would be an overnight.  In the meantime, I had a couple of sessions with “DavidSF” and had an amazing time with him.  I found that he was planning a trip to DC in the near future and he agreed to schedule that time for when I would be there.  During our discussion I found that he wanted to meet Dave-DC so I suggested a three-way overnight might be fun.  I have done numerous overnights but had never done a three-way.  David-SF was excited about that possibility and when I passed the suggestion along to Dave-DC, he was equally excited about the meeting and being part of the three-way overnight.  Both of these men more than meet my criteria when hiring.  They are experienced, talented, have a positive attitude, and know who they are and what they are doing.  After I’ve had a session with either of them I’m more alive and upbeat, display extra confidence and self-respect, and have my good sense of humor sharpened.  They really do it for me both in the session and after. So as the time approached, we worked on the details and set up the session.  That wasn’t really hard to do because of their interests and because they both know me pretty well.  I was on cloud nine!  What could be better:  my first three-way with two of my very favorite escorts, and an overnight to make it even more special!  I just knew it was going to be the best hire I’d ever experienced. Even though they hadn’t worked together before, I suspected that wouldn’t be a problem since they are both awesome professionals and they both have done plenty of three-ways.

Well, let me tell you, the session was even more special and exciting than my little mind could ever imagine! We met at Dave’s comfortable apartment which is a great place to spend a few hours. And he recently added a sling! Other than a break for about two hours to go to a local restaurant for dinner, we played together nearly non-stop for almost eight hours. Talk about stamina and excitement–this was unbelievable. Sometimes all three of us were involved and sometimes it was two of the three. After sleeping for a few hours, we went at it again when we awoke. Hot, hot, hot! And that isn’t a comment on the temperature outside the building. Some of the things we did: oral, anal, toys, sling, a double penetration of me (my first; an exceptional experience!), kissing, cuddling, rimming, massaging, water sports, showering together, and many used condoms. It never lacked for fun, interest, and hot sex. Nothing scripted, just one different experience after another. I’ve never had a session as spectacular as this one, even with each of them individually (I also did that with both of them on this trip). And the sessions I’ve had with each of them alone have been super hot and sexy!

Clearly as the novice in a three-way, I could have found myself the outsider with two such talented and experienced escorts. But being the professionals that they are, they didn’t let that happen. They frequently asked how I was doing, were careful to check me for my limits, and they were very encouraging in giving ideas about how I might participate. I was amazed at how quickly the time seemed to go and I was also amazed that I was mostly able to keep up with them throughout the night! I owe much of that to their care and concern for the experience I was having. They were having fun but it was clear that the major focus of the session was on me.

This is an amazing duo who should be experienced to be believed. They are both kind, caring, considerate, and easy to be around. If you ever have an opportunity to hire these guys together, you shouldn’t pass it up. I highly recommend them both as singles or for a three-way. It was a special night for me and I shall never forget it.

Jim said…

Ahh, my time with Dave. Well, it was more than special. It began with a greeting and his wonderful smile which would easily melt stone, then a brief and very cordial conversation about what I liked and what I wanted from the time together. Then to the actual sharing of our bodies. I had a marvelous time, reminiscent of either a really great first date or a wonderful honeymoon or both. Dave’s spirit is generous and his technique impressive. I would recommend him to anyone who enjoys intimate and sensual contact. Also he has a strong and aggressive sexuality enough to make my toes curl over and over again. I had a totally wonderful time with Dave and I wish you the same.

pittsburgh said…

Dave was outstanding. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful he is. I thought I died and went to heaven He is everything that he and all others say about him. Once you try Dave you’ll never experience anyone any better He is the best. I cannot imagine anyone any better than he. It was the best experience of my life. He made me feel so special and our time together was sooooo hot. I certainly hope to see him again and again. He is worth every dollar. He loves his work and it shows in the experience Dave, thanks for an exceptional time together.

Pat said…

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Toronto. I have to say that I cannot believe what happened today. And I cannot thank you enough. I’ll see you in DC in a few weeks.
Did you ever think of adding a service called “shaving”? I feel so good tonight, and can’t achieve the same result on my own. Again, many thanks.

Fred said…

Dave is really really good. I have seen him twice. First time: pretty much terrified about what I was doing (or he was doing). But, he is safe, affectionate, smart, versatile (did I say flexible?), funny, serious, sexual,sensual, nice, worldly, confident, physically appealing, genuine, . . . OK that’s enough. Second time: Dave is WONDERFUL. He is real and makes me feel real. He will knock your socks off, or allow you to knock off his! Dave is masculine, safe, and comfortable. Whew!! Go see him–but not when I want to see him…..please….

Stud said…

Hi Dave,

Just a note to tell you that I really appreciated your kindness and professionalism during our meeting last Friday. I truly had a great time. You have a real gift for your profession, and, well.. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as good as you are.

Thank you very much and I wish nothing but the best for you until we meet again.

countryboy said…

I emailed Dave prior to my visit to Washington, I included my phone number and he called me within 3 minutes of sending the email. He was very professional in setting up our appointment.
I arrived at his in call location at the appointed time, he was very friendly.
We sat and talked for a bit about what I wanted the session to be. He put me completely at ease. He has a wonderful air about him, very sexy and above all he’s a very good listener. After I told him what I’d like to do he said “I know just the thing for you, I’ll take it from here” and boy oh boy did he ever! We went into his bedroom and what followed was a blur of pleasurable sensation, comfort and great fun. He was totally into it emotionally, spiritually and physically. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The man hit my buttons, big time! Dave is a consummate professional, exciting and a real pleasure. I couldn’t recommend him more. I’ll definitely contact him again

gaiusxxx said…

I had a 90 minute session with Dave recently.

I contacted him because his website was so informative and professional I felt he would be the same. In no way was I disappointed.

When we met we talked about what my needs were. I am a submissive bottom and I really wanted a hard whipping and fucking of my ass.

He took me into the room with a large bed, made me strip naked and told me to lie down with my ass up.

He took a number of implements from a black bag he had and they included a leather whip, a leather strap, a plastic paddle and a cord for my balls in addition to condoms and lube.

For over an hour he gave me the hardest whipping I have ever received, intense cock and ball torture and a fucking in a number of positions I will never forget. During this time I also sucked his cock and balls.

Dave was very firm and took control. He used each whipping implement over and over increasing the intensity on each application to the point where I could just barely take it – and then he gave me more. He worked on my cock and balls with increasing pain until my hard cock almost went off.

The fucking was out of this world taking my ass first from behind, then on my back, on my side (for the deepest penetration) and finally on my back for another round. His extra large cock going in and out of my bare ass was beautiful.

While on my back I could see my ass getting fucked in the mirror on the ceiling (a nice touch)and then he jerked my off. When I came it was a super large load.

I had a great time and will return for another session and hopefully a threesome.

After my session we had a chance to talk and I found he was very well educated, well informed and well traveled. We compared our travel experiences in S.E. Asia and the Orient.

It was a great experience.

GT said…

oh the weather outside was frightful….freaking freezing actually. And after 3 weeks stuck in the suburbs with nothing to relieve my stress or pent up sexual frustrations, I called Dave hoping he’d be available later that night. Realizing it was iffy as I was a half hour out of town and it was a nasty cold Sunday night, I was pretty psyched when he called back to say no problem.
Dave showed up pretty much on time to the minute.
So much has already been said on here about how he looks better in person, how incredibly friendly and personable he is, how comfortable he makes you feel etc., that there’s not too much else I can add.
Suffice it to say every single positive thing that has been said is 150% true.
He is funny, sweet and voracious.
With just a few keywords he managed to make our time together a marathon of sensation and managed to hit everyone of my pleasure zones and then some. He definitely tested some of my limits in the best possible way. When our 2 hours were up, all I could think of was how and when I could meet up with him again.
Three days later, I can still feel him inside me and start to smile again.
Dave is by far one of the best there is, he’s thoroughly professional in the best sense of the word, and truly brilliant at what he does.

JJ said…

OMFG, Dave was everything I hoped he’d be. Charming, handsome, relaxed, soothing, and so much more. It was an incredible experience, like being in a movie. Not necessarily a porno movie, but… on the other hand, perhaps it was. A good one! He is unbelievably hot, and a non stop powerhouse. We began, after comfortable conversation, with some stretching techniques, both naked, VERY hot scene, in a candle lit room with great relaxing music playing, full body-to-body massage, did I say OMFG? We ran late, he was totally cool about it, joined me in the shower afterward where we played around quite a bit more.

I confidently and proudly announced that people would notice my “just-fucked” walk on the way back to my car.

AWESOME! Thank you so much, Dave. Looking forward to much more!

Lee said…

…let me add my concurrence as well. Dave is truly one of a kind — a not to be missed experience. I saw him for the first time last week myself. And it was such a great time I called back the next day to see him again next week. It was really something special. So if you are in DC or he’s in your area, you just HAVE to spend some time with this man. It will end up being one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Robert from Vienna (Austria) said…

Dave is simply the best. He makes you feel at ease right away and ensures that you can relax and enjoy the experience. What’s cool is that he apparently has no taboos — he’ll do whatever you like. And he certainly helped me go places i’d never gone before, and I never thought I’d go. But always without pressure. He offered and I liked it. If you only ever hire one escort, hire Dave. But be warned — he’ll ruin you for any others. They’ll seem boring by comparison.

Robert in Vienna said…

If you’ve visited Dave once and you’re wondering whether to try him again, I can only say YES, Do it!
I was kind of worried that the second time wouldn’t be as good as the first, that somehow I would be disappointed. Well, I needn’t have worried. The second time was definitely, though I didn’t believe it was possible, better than the first. It seems that as Dave gets to know you he can better understand what you want and what you need — maybe even better than you do yourself.
All I can say is that it was amazing. He took me places I’d never been before — took sex to a whole new level.

I’ll be back for more. And believe me, if you try him, you will too.


JJ said…

I wanted to elaborate on my second visit with the truly Legendary Dave, but he assured me that my point is well made with this synopsis. As everyone has said, Dave is absolutely the best, very focused, comes up with some wild shit, and really made me feel special. I’ll be back!

1. Arrival – Kissing
2. Relaxation / Conversation / Water Water Everywhere
3. Kissing
4. Undress
5. Water Water Everywhere
6. Spanking
7. Fucking on the bed
8. Water Water Everywhere
9. Spanking
10. Piss Enema
11. Piss Piss Everywhere
12. Fucking on the piss covered hardwood floor that he made me lick while I was getting fucked
13. Out with the piss enema
14. Drinking piss
15. Fucking on the bed
16. Spanking
17. Fisting (only attempted, but I’ll be back to achieve success)
18. Fucking on the bed
19. Drinking cum
20. Joint Shower
21. Pissing
22. Kissing Goodbye

Holy shit, it was an incredible experience, the most erotic of my entire life. Thanks again, Dave! If I could give you a kiss or a blowjob right now I would. :* or :0

‘Effin DC said…

My life is a bit of a mess at the moment. But they didn’t give me a manual on how to come out without problems. I wish there were an instruction booklet on how to do it. But there isn’t. But I am already so much further along than I could have hoped, better off than almost anyone else I know in this process. So I owe it to my wife to try to be a bit understanding of the pain this is causing her. I know now where I want to go. It is simply a matter of time. Thank you for being so understanding and supportive of me during this process. It has meant the world to me knowing you are there.

John from Minnesota said…

I recently had a misunderstanding I did not know how to resolve with another escort. Dave was very gracious to give generously of his time and wisdom in this awkward situation to help us come to a satisfactory resolution. I cannot say enough for his kindness, generosity of spirit, wisdom, and compassion. The reason I contacted him was that I had had the good fortune to be with him about 18 months ago (which was wonderful) when I was in the area, and he “stuck with me” as a man who could and would have the wisdom and integrity to help – he leaves that kind of profound and lasting positive impression. Even in this unusual and trying situation, he does not disappoint, but exceeds every expectation. This man is a winner. Obviously, given the opportunity, I would choose Dave again.

Pleasedontputitinme said…

I began my sessions with The Legendary Dave in January, 2011. Yes, I was looking for a hot massage and a good time, but specifically I was seeking guidance and coaching. I’ve been out of the dating (and even sex) pool for many years. Suddenly there were 2 different men in my life, pursuing me. This both turned me on and terrified me immensely. I’d seen one of Dave’s ads online, and was so impressed with his site, I finally called him shortly after the holidays. I’d never hired an escort before and I was anxious as I made the call. I reached Dave on my first attempt, and explained that I’d like to see him, with the ultimate goal being my own increased confidence and self esteem, so that I could allow myself to open up to new (possible) relationships. Our session together that ensued that very week was my first intimate encounter in years and it was AWESOME! The details are listed briefly in my first review, but what I failed to state was how great Dave made me feel inside. The conversations that we had before, during, and since then, as well as the sex we’ve had, gave me such a confidence boost that I felt like a new man. Seriously. He helped me to allow myself to be touched, physically and emotionally. Since then, in contemplating our sessions together I had sort of an epiphany of what Dave really does for his clients, besides the obivious: he provides an incredibly top notch service for people who are seeking (perhaps subconsciously) companionship. The conversations we’ve had have been funny, sexy, and thought provoking. My realization of how legendary Dave is prompted a conversation with him during our latest session, in which I both praised and thanked him for the services he provides. He’s expensive, but worth every dollar, plus one. Thanks again, Dave! (and btw, it was the left nipple first)

Midnight said…

Dave is without question the first Five-Diamond escort I’ve had the pleasure to engage. He is the Ritz Carlton AND the Four Seasons in one package. What an incredible experience!

oss32 said…

Dave, you and your Web page look very impressive. I admire your sane and down-to-earth attitude toward nudity and sexuality. I’m looking forward to making my first appointment with you.

Happy Camper said…

Wow! What a great guy.

When my trip to Europe fell through I noticed Dave was going to Boston and so I suggested he stop off in New York for a couple of days beforehand. His reviews convinced this bottom that he was the man to open me up to new things.

We started with my usual scene but soon moved on to me being more aggressive and a role play scenario where I seduced him. Time for dinner and a show then back to bed for a very romantic, affectionate suck and fuck session before drifting off.

Breakfast, a hike in Central park and then back to bed. I think he brought more toys than clothes. He blindfolded me and it helped to shut my brain down and focus on pleasure. He gave me a glorious massage with feathery string, played with a heated butt plug and I got into licking his balls which he loves.

Another dinner and show and back for a night of down and dirty aggressive Dave sex. He does like to push your limits – getting fucked by his balls and dick for one. Right about now he decided to shave my balls and ass, he was in control and I was in heaven.

Next morning we had breakfast with some friends and after about an hour I decided it was time to shut my escort bitch up and dragged him back to my apartment for a rough session of sucking my dick. After that it was back to bed for what I call a Sunday fuck – he had his dick in me and it was lazy, romantic and effortless.

About 1:00 P.M. it was time for him to clean up and head to Boston. Our 2 days proved a lot more fun than visiting another old church in Italy. Dave is an incredibly caring and intelligent man, can’t wait to see him again.

J in O said…

I drove over 400 miles one-way to see Dave this weekend. Was he worth the speeding ticket, gas, numb butt, and expense?


I have some strikes against me sexually: abuse survivor, in a currently (3+ years) sexless marriage, other baggage, yadda yadda yadda. Is Dave wonderful at loving the body? Um, hello…Have you read anyone else’s comments?? Is Dave just as wonderful at loving the soul? Um, no.

He’s better.

I feel like a new woman after only a day with this kind, thoughtful, smart, sexy man. As others have said, he will throw you up against your “edges” and that can be uncomfortable, but there’s no other way to grow. I have already booked my next appointment with him.

I’d never hired before. I doubt I’ll ever hire anyone else. Do not over-analyze what your body, mind, and heart may be telling you. Meet this man.

Ted said…

I’m a control freak and I was looking for a weekend where I could let go and let someone else be in control for awhile. During the lead-up to the weekend, I repeatedly contacted Dave about different things and he very, very patiently helped me relax and trust that he would take care of everything.

Dave was wonderful during the entire weekend. On Friday night, we ended up going to see a show in Baltimore. I was stressing and freaking out about what we would talk about during the drive there. But Dave, once again, managed to make me feel relaxed and enjoy the show.

During the weekend, different emotions came up in me that I wasn’t expecting. Dave was great in helping me start processing them and figuring out what I was feeling. He helped me to understand that not only is it okay to feel things, but that it’s really important to do so.

Sexually, Dave was incredible. As someone without a lot of experience with other guys, I was a bit nervous about different things. Dave helped me relax and enjoy different things in a very safe environment. He helped teach me how to deep-throat a guy and make a guy feel good. He also showed me new things about different forms of BDSM that I had yet to learn (including how to get out of a sling without hurting yourself).

Dave is truly a class act and I cannot recommend him enough. I definitely plan to hire him in the future.

Newbie said…

Dave: I won’t become an email stalker, but I wanted to say thanks for … well… everything. In addition to the amazing fun, I wanted to thank you for your frankness, your willingness to converse, and what I perceived as a genuine concern. I really did hear your words and truly appreciate your encouragement. It will take time for me to believe all of it, but I’m a work in progress … right? Also, thanks for taking the time to teach/coach. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to talk me through the adventure. You really are an incredible person. Like I said, there is no better way to spend a Thursday afternoon. 😀

SFmikeyO said…

To be honest, I’m not certain what more this review will add to the discussion about Dave. Readers already know that he’s a caring professional, great companion, and remarkably hot piece of ass.

That said, one of the most memorable aspects of our recent time together was how thoroughly into the session he was. A true student of man, he takes the time to understand the physical, emotional and sexual needs of his clients, then spends the remainder of the time together completely satisfying those needs.

Our time together, an extended overnight session at my hotel in Washington, was no different. After a nice dinner and casual stroll through the neighborhood, we went back to the hotel room. There, Dave proved to be the ultimate sexual partner…sensual, intuitive, and passionate. A bit of foreplay (he’s a great kisser, BTW) led into the best all-out fuck session I’ve had in years, employing a variety of positions and a thick cock that only got harder as the night went on.

Dave truly provided the ultimate ‘boyfriend experience’, with just a hint of kink that suggests a more adventurous side. That’s a side I definitely want to explore in future meetings with Dave, something I’m looking forward to.

TB said…

I’m writing this four days past my evening with Dave, after much introspective reflection about the encounter, and while my nipples are still sore. Before reading further, please do not consider this a bad review. Rather, I hope to reflect something more honest, critical, and affirming. Our time together was not entirely pleasurable for me, but I asked that Dave take control from the very beginning, and I knew from 3 previous experiences where things might lead. What I wasn’t prepared for was the degree of intensity Dave exerted. Note, that’s my lack of preparation, not his very committed persona. I came away from our time together a stronger person knowing what I like most and knowing more clearly where my personal boundaries lay.

Let’s back up a moment. I had been traveling and hoped to come home to a pleasurable, sensual massage from my semi-regular therapist. He wasn’t available, so I briefly perused online and came across Dave’s ad which indicated he was online at that moment. I’ve browsed his ad many many times before…and have met him on 4 occasions during the last five years. Like many of you reading this, as someone who occasionally treats oneself and utilizes the different online sites available, I always fondly remember my times with Dave when I come across his profile. I cannot say the same for others I’ve met.

To shorten what is bound to be a long story (speaking of bondage, wait until a little further), I spontaneously called Dave to see if he might be available that evening. Thinking I would get voicemail, he answered and even remembered who I was despite the time past since our last meeting. He generously made himself available for a late night appointment that ultimately turned into early morning.

I arrived at his well equipped apartment and was greeted at the door like one might expect from a long-time, intimate friend. He gave me a bottle of water, and after a brief and very natural catch-up conversation, Dave asked what I wanted to do that evening. Without much forethought, my shy reply was “I’ve always liked it when you were in the driver’s seat.”

He took control. Once in the bedroom, I was instructed to disrobe. He asked if I would consider wearing a hood or blindfold. We went with the hood, which he could zip and unzip at his leisure. He did. At that moment, I felt like the subject in one of the hard core videos I’d seen online. While watching a video allows one to indirectly experience intrigue and eroticism, actively participating is something entirely different. At times the experience was titillating and spiritual, but at others, I felt like my only value was to serve a dominant force. I allowed this man, with whom I placed a great deal of trust, to use me…even to a degree some might consider abuse. At all times it was consensual and Dave gave me a safe word so we could stop something I didn’t like or couldn’t take. I used it.

Hooded, blind, naked, exposed, I felt more vulnerable sexually than I’d ever felt in my life. I felt a sensation that my nipples were about to be sucked right off my chest, though after a few minutes they just numbed and tingled until they were flicked away with a force that felt like Hell’s fire poker had been pressed against them. My hands were bound together above my head, and I felt something tightly constraining my scrotum. Only when I stood up from the bed, did I realize the heavy force of gravity pulling the weight downward as it was suspended from my sack.

Up to this point I was able to handle everything Dave challenged me with. He knew this — and knew to take it a step further. He didn’t know where my breaking point was, and neither did I. There were a few slaps here and there, some times when I was orally forced to serve, times when I was plugged, tickled, vibrated, pinched, poked and spanked (safe word used). At one point he tried a new type of nipple clamp on me…with only a few seconds into it, I knew it was something I couldn’t handle. The safe word made another interjection.

Always elevating the experience, Dave took off the hood, and we engaged in what can only be described as something extremely primal. Very rough. I loved it – and I hated it. If I was vulnerable at the beginning, I was even more vulnerable at this point. Never before had my body been asked to give so freely. The pain juxtaposed against the pleasure was something I now consider my own internal Cain and Abel fight. I broke again.

This time, however, I was bruised. Yes, a few minor physical bruises (it happens easily on me) and a perforated ear drum that will soon heal, but there was a deeper emotional bruise I experienced.

Dave asked…and pushed me to go father. I tried. But we found my limit. I had to stop, and he respected that.

In that very raw moment, I learned so much about myself. Dave helped me find that point. It was then that he made an about face and turned into something that I truly adore. A nurturing, mature, insightful, soft, caring man. I’ve always liked men older and more mature than myself. They tend to have a level of maturity and depth that’s so reassuring, as if to say “it’s alright, you’re safe. Let me comfort you.” Dave is a master at the soft, sensual comforter role that I so desperately needed in that moment.

We talked and finished. Showered each other and kissed. The experience was complete and unlike anything I could have imagined experiencing with anyone other than this handsome and considerate man.

This review probably reads more like a journal entry into my own personal sexual discovery, and less focused on the incredible qualities Dave offers as a man and companion. But not for his incredible insight, compassion, commitment, and experience, I would have walked away less complete…less fulfilled than I am today. Dave, thank you for that. Next time, let’s try that other thing we talked about 😉

TB said…

I’m writing this as an addendum to my previous review of Dave.  I want to make sure my review doesn’t scare away potential clients of his.  I mentioned that I busted my ear drum during the encounter.  I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but somehow we managed to create some suction between his leg and my ear.  I pulled away quickly and that suction caused my ear drum to bust.  It healed after a few days, and it was purely accidental.  Dave was truly a gentleman and called after the encounter to check on me.  A true gentleman!


I just spent a few hours last Sunday night on a passionate, sensual, euphoric, sexual Magic Carpet Ride by a real man of genuine mental, psychological, behavioral and physical beauty and exceptional talents that one is overwhelmed by the delight of his companionship. I am no novice when it comes to m2m experiences nor lacking in talents nor attractiveness but in all sincerity Dave ranks in the upper .05 percentile of exceptionally handsome, emotionally and spiritually talented men whether straight, bi or queer (gay), Within minuets of welcoming him into my home I knew I unconditionally loved this real man on multiple levels while totally accepting the purely professional nature of our companionship and massage relationship. He is not only one of the best companions available but also one of the most real, charming, caring, trusting, creative, honest and not behaviorally challenged men you will ever meet and hopefully treat yourself to experience. As Arthur Murry might say, Put some fun in your life, try Dave. One of the greatest experiences on earth. I have already booked a day with him in two weeks. Don’t procrastinate, just do it. You deserve the best.

Midwest Man said…

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dave for a couple hours on a quick stop in DC.  Dave was very accomodating in setting up the appointment and since I was coming straight from the airport and unsure of any delays, flexible in finalizing a time to meet and called to let me know he was on schedule and checking if I had made it in to town.  I was warmly greeted and we sat down to chat a bit before things started moving.  Things moved quickly from warming up to each other to a mind blowing connection which had to end all too quickly.  Dave took me to some places I never imagined I would go and gently and  kindly guided me always assuring and instructing.  Just what a person with a fairly limited experinece needed.  Good conversation, a few laughs, and a relaxing shower and I was on my way.  A day I will definitely remember and hope to be able to experience again in the future.  A great experience to be with someone who while performing a service genuinely makes you feel like a friend and truly and completely enjoys their work.