How Much? (My Rates)

Rates are here. From short appointments, to overnights, to more. Listed out in a transparent manner, with several options, too.

How To Do This

Here are the logistics to make this work.  In this section, I explain my rates, and how to contact me.

As a professional escort, clarity is essential.  I aim to provide this information up front, right from the start.

You may start your initial communication with me by either email, WhatsApp or phone. Fastest communication is by email or WhatsApp. If you prefer to call me, check to see where I am first… go to this page and determine my location. If I’m in the USA, call my USA number. If I’m in Asia, call my Asian number.

Sorry, I’m unable to communicate via text messages. …Or skywriting!

WHATSAPP NUMBER:    +62-82144480822
PHONE NUMBERS:    703-927-2759 (for USA- but note, NO TEXTING HERE)      +62-82144480822 (for Asia)
  • Inquiry calls with blocked or restricted numbers will be answered, but please note – in order to book an appointment, I will require your phone number.
  • Should your telephone call go to voicemail, you may leave a detailed message – I have a private line, so no one will hear but me.
  • Why can’t you text me? That number is a second line for me, but I use only one actual cellphone. Unfortunately, phone service providers cannot forward texts. If you send one to me at that number, it won’t ever reach me. Please, use another method.
  • Inquiry emails are welcome. However, in order to actually book an appointment, I will require your phone number, and we’ll need to have a brief phone conversation at some point as well.
  • Once those two things have happened, our future communications can all be by email, if you prefer.
  • You can copy my email address above and send a message directly from your email. Alternatively, you may use the Contact Form below.

Tips for Efficient Communication

It’s appreciated if, when contacting me, you could suggest several desired appointment dates with a range of start times. For example, you could write the following note to me, or be ready to give me similar information when you call.


I’d like to have a 2 hour session with you.

I’m available these dates and we can begin the session anytime between the hours listed:

May 3, from 7pm-10pm;  May 6, from 12pm-7pm;  May 7, from 6pm-8pm

Let me know if you’re available.

I know you need to have a brief conversation by phone first, so here’s my number:  202-969-6969.

Best to call me between 10am and 4pm.