All About Dave

The basic stats:

  • White U.S. American Male
  • Bisexual
  • 5′ – 11″ / 170 Pounds / Early Fifties
  • Brown Hair / Green Eyes
  • Athletic Build / Moderately Hairy (Chest and Legs)
  • 7″ Dick – Thick, Straight and Circumcised
  • Large, Flexible Low Hanging Balls
  • One Tattoo
  • Monkeypox vaccinated
  • Covid vaccinated and boostered

Hello, my name is Dave.  I’m a genuine, open-minded, and adventurous male escort.  I seek to bring a level of professionalism into an industry that, truth be told, has very few standards.  I’m lucky to have been considered one of the top male escorts in the United States, for the past five years. Currently, 60% of my time is spent in Bali, 30% in the USA, and 10% in other locales.

I have many interests in my chosen line of work.  So there’s a good chance I can give you what you’re seeking.