I Am Versatile

Working in this industry has allowed me to learn a lot about people.  It’s also allowed me to learn a great deal about myself.  In comparison to most other people, I’ve realized that I am much more versatile than most people I meet.

Physically, I can top or bottom, and can switch at the drop of a hat. I can flip-flop, too – so I can go back and forth numerous times.

The same is true in terms of dominant and submissive roles. I’ve been told that I am a great dom. I naturally take charge, and can be quite firm. My intensity – and ferocity – varies based upon the other person. However, I also have a submissive side, and it can be conjured up fairly easily.

I am equally at home with men or women, as I am comfortably bisexual (my score is an exact “3” – right at the midrange – on the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid.  Fritz Klein, an American sex researcher, published The Bisexual Option and introduced the grid at that time.  I recommend his book for anyone who wants to know more about this least-understood, least-accepted sexual orientation.

To further demonstrate my versatility, let me be more explicit.   With watersports, I like to give or receive. Ditto for restraints. Ditto for toys. Ditto for role play. Ditto for slings.  Ditto for CBT.

And, uh, I have a trick I can do with my balls. Have you heard of shurgging?  I can do that.  Pussies, assholes… I can do that.