Sex Coaching

Let me help you work on a particular aspect of your sexuality that you haven’t yet finessed.  We can talk about what your perceived issue is, and see what can be done to change it.   I am a true confidant.

Sex coaching can be done with us both clothed, or one or both of us naked: coaching’s a vulnerable activity, and you should be comfortable – so I want this to be your choice.

Coaching about sex can take many forms:

  • Some people may find they have trouble with a particular technique, and want to improve upon it.
  • Others might be struggling with definitions for themselves (for example, around their own sexual orientation, or gender).
  • Abuse survivors have found coaching to be a helpful step towards a healthier view on sex.
  • Sometimes people may be challenged with their interest within the kink or fetish realm, and want help to make sense of it.
  • People suffering from lower self-esteem or body issues have found coaching to be beneficial.
  • And others might be working around concepts of guilt within their sexual life, perhaps due to their upbringing.

Please note, I am not a sex therapist.  However, I can offer you a combination of multiple years’ experience in the sex industry, honesty, a common sense approach, true discretion, and anonymity.  My background has resulted in me being successful in this role for several years now.  If anything mentioned on this page strikes a chord for you, you should consider my sex coaching services.