Corona, You, and Me:  We Can Still Connect!

So this Coronavirus situation is bad for everyone… but what if it’s particularly bad for you?  If you’re alone… I’m gonna guess that you may be interested in what I can offer.

The extreme social isolation may be really rough for you.  What if we can shift things, and instead make it… easier for you?  Not as devoid for you?  More fun for you?

Dave here.  I live in Bali now, but I travel all over the world.  And I can be with you.

Before you get to worrying about contagion, let me explain how, using safe measures.  First of all, you should know that I do not want to get the virus. My health is of utmost importance – and I hope yours is to you, too.

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::::: I am fully vaccinated and boostered. I got them all in the United States.

::::: Prior to that, I did not get the coronavirus.  Since January 2020 I have been taking high daily doses of vitamins and minerals – particularly Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and immune boosters like L-Lysine.  I have avoided group situations, and have worn masks, and have been covid tested regularly.

Now – if the above is not enough for you to feel safe around me, I respect that.  We all deal with this virus on our own terms, and I’ve learned that – similar to belief systems, and politics, and approaches to money – our views and decisions with corona are myriad and often come from places deep within.  And as such, I have created FOUR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT OPTIONS to help you get through these challenging times.  Sounds like a public service announcement, I know.  But these offers are more than just a slogan.


Want an exclusive partner with whom to ride out the storm? A sort of stay-at-home-boyfriend?

I am healthy, and willing to have contact with just one single person – guaranteed – for an extended period of time.  I will live in your place with you, for one, two, or three weeks.  I’ll come to your area.  But first, though, I’ll get tested for COVID-19, before we actually meet.  During the waiting period for the results, I’ll stay by myself in a hotel, so that I’m still healthy just before we meet.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any underwear on my head… unless you think that’d be hot!

::::: DETAILS –

Safe Measure:  Testing and Short-term quarantine.  I will come to your local area, and get tested there, and wait for the results to come back. I will cover any cost associated with COVID-19 tests.  While waiting for the news that I’m negative, I may be in a hotel or Airbnb-type rental, before seeing you.  The hotel will be one of your choice, but based upon a mutually-agreed-upon accommodation.  My accommodation cost will be covered by you.


Wanna arrange a kinky scene, where you’re set up naked, bent over, with your house or apartment door unlocked?  I’ll enter your place on my own, and as soon as I’m inside, I’ll put on a hood, hence covering my mouth and nose.  I’ll then toss a hood onto your back – and you’ll dutifully put it over your head.  Each spandex hood is freshly laundered, and acts as an ideal barrier for what we really need “covered”.  There are holes for eyes, but otherwise, these are full head coverings (including the covering of noses and mouths).  Then, I’ll enter from… behind.  Literally. 

You’ll have a towel on the floor near you, where I place my bag/stuff.  Otherwise, my things will not be making any contact with your place.  We will not face each other during my visit, and so I’ll leave as safely as I come in.  Multiple day (or night) visits are available, too:  imagine, me coming over for three days in a row – at a certain time – you ready and waiting for me.  Hot!  Fun!  And it makes a great COVID story for later… or good wanking material in the future!

::::: DETAILS –

Safe Measure:  Hoods.  I will wear a hood – and you’ll wear a hood, too.  I will also wear gloves, if desired.  Again, we will not be face-to-face during this visit.  Other than the towel to wash and the doorknob to wipe down, I’ll have no contact… except, of course, with your skin (which is a great COVID barrier).




I know, I know.  How much fun can we have, without access to mouths?   

Actually, I’d have to say:  A lot.  Not being able to use our mouths just forces us to get more creative, and use other parts of ourselves to have a good time.  The use of hoods over our heads – covering all but the eyes – can even intensify the play.  Think: Touch/feel/sense. Listen/hear. Watch/see.  Think:  Getting (or giving) naked massages.  Think:  Role play and scenes.  Think:  Connected, conversational, and sensual.  Think:  of the possibilities…

I’ll bring the hoods – I’m in black, you’re in your choice of green, red, blue, grey, white, or purple.  Each spandex hood is freshly laundered, and acts as an ideal barrier for the place we really need “covered”.  More fun than a condom… and gentler on the environment, too!

::::: DETAILS –

Safe Measure:  Hoods.  I will wear a hood – and you’ll wear a hood, too.  


“Let’s talk about sex, baby.”  Do you want some sex advice?  Have burning questions?  Just wanna chat and see where things go?  

This is a great time – now more than ever – to get tips on things you’re not sure of… brush up on skills… learn about kink or fetish stuff you’ve always wondered about… or ask me anything regarding sex!  You can count on a judgment-free conversation. Think of all the students at home right now dealing with online learning… it’s your chance to be tutored now.

::::: DETAILS –

Safe Measure:  None needed.  I will phone you and we will have a live conversation.  Sorry, Zoom and other video meeting platforms are not available.

*Transportation costs will vary based on where you are and where I am.  Contact me and let’s discuss!  My preferred method of transport these days is by car, but – let’s talk about our distance.  I know it’s at least 6 feet apart right now…

If you’ve seen me before, you already know that I’m trustworthy.  If you haven’t seen me yet, you may know that I have a stellar reputation.  I have been pleasing people for over a decade.  And I hope I can continue to deliver some hap-penis to you, one way or another.

If interested, please email me (, or contact me by WhatsApp or Telegram +62 082144480822.