PrEP is so widespread, that news about it is hardly news anymore.  And yet, I regularly encounter clients who don’t realize what PrEP does for intimate interactions.

PrEP is a prescripted, once-daily tablet, for people who are HIV-Negative.  When adhering to the dosage, PrEP is considered nearly 100% effective against contracting HIV, so the person can remain HIV-Negative, even if exposed to the HIV virus.  This means, for instance:  A man who is HIV-Positive can ejaculate inside a person on PrEP, and still, that PrEP-taking individual would not get HIV.  If you haven’t previously heard about PrEP, read that last sentence again.

However, the way it’s not effective is when a person doesn’t take it daily.  At least, that’s what the medical establishment used to say.  Now, even daily non-compliance is being studied.  This is because there are large numbers of people who practice an on-again, off-again regime with it – based on their own sexual habits – and they, too, are not contracting HIV.  I have a friend, as an example, who takes it daily for a week before he knows he’ll have activity, and a few days afterwards, too.  But then he’s off it again, until the next time an encounter is planned.  He does this because PrEP is expensive, and in his view, he is being economical.  I want to state though, I’m not advocating this method… I’m just sharing what has become a sort of trend these days.

Personally, I take PrEP daily, and have been doing so for four years now.  It allows me to have condomless sex and not contract HIV.  To qualify for my PrEP script, I must get tested for HIV every three months, and also have my liver and kidney functions tested at the same time.  The latter is because PrEP can reduce liver or kidney function; obviously if that’s identified, one needs to come off it.

So is it perfect?  No – – – although no medicine is.  Still, PrEP has revolutionized the way people have sex.  If you’re intrigued about it after reading this, you should speak with your doctor about it – or someone at a local STD clinic.